Please review this report from Scanduzzi Krebs, and weigh in on another 6 months with them

Hi, gang.

We’ve been working with Scanduzzi Krebs on a paid basis for the past six months! Wow! Its been super fun, but what do we have to show for it?

The incredible @JosefSK put together this letter to answer that question:

Noisebridge_Review_Letter_and_Proposal_3.19.19.pdf (143.8 KB)

In it, they request another 6 month extension along with three big goals. I’m not gonna spoil a good story, so go read the PDF yourself to see what those are.

I feel like S|K has been invaluable in pushing us forward and helping us secure a beautiful future for Noisebridge. I heartily, wholly, completely endorse another 6 months engagement.

What say you?


What would they recommend we focus on after the April meetings besides company and individual donors of $100k?


I have loved working with them also, and I believe we couldn’t have made this progress without their professional help. I do feel that often things are slowed and S/K expertise is not efficiently utilized because on the Noisebridge side we are missing information due to people not having the time to put it together. I think that we should be more open with throwing money at the problem and outsourcing things we are taking too long to do ourselves. For example Evan has been a great help with financial stuff and we should do more of that – paying people money to help us get in good shape from a organizational standpoint (finances, documents, etc) to begin actually applying for more money.

James – we still do not have our financials in place to be able to apply for most big grants. The last quarter of this year will be grant season, and so after April we will be focused on that. I don’t think we will actually be able to be successful in our fundraising by asking a bunch of people/corporations for 100K donations. Josef has explained to us before that generally these things are like a pyramid. There are large donations (in this case we are hoping the money will come in the form of grants, from the city, for education, etc.) that are a big fraction of the money raised, and the smaller donations are a smaller fraction.


The letter is nice and even entertaining. Looks good.


I feel like that’s a lot of money for the ROI so far which I feel isn’t very clearly stated.

Is there a way we can get our things in order then employ them again when we can move forward to grants and things. Also I’d like to try to participate in fundraising meetings if possible in the future. They usually happen before meetings on Tues? And are they open to anyone? Would it be cool to post that they happen on the wiki or is it already on there?

What would you like to see gotten in order?

Before S|K, Noisebridge had applied to zero grants and had no idea how to ask people for money, or even if raising money to buy a new home was possible. Today, we’ve applied for a few grants, raised a bunch of money on a whim, have even more lined up for the gala, and know that we can actually raise the millions needed to buy a new home.

The fundraising meetings are totally open to the public. They’ve been every Tuesday evening around 7pm in Turing and online. Whenever I or someone else in the fundraising guild remembers, we post a notice here in advance. The weekly agenda has been maintained on the trello board for a while now, which is also a public board. There’s nothing keeping anyone from posting all that information to the wiki or anywhere else; we’re not a secret clique here. I’m not sure if anyone’s posted it to the wiki yet since I don’t really use it much anymore, but if its not there go ahead and post it and if it already is there, then, idk what you’re asking for?

I didn’t mean to imply you were a secret click or doing a terrible job fundraising, and recognize I haven’t been very involved in the effort which is why I haven’t really commented until a thing was posted asking for comments.

From what I saw we’ve spent over $20,000 with a return of 5,000 or so. And I thought I read that we still don’t have financial reporting things in order and there was a person manically saying in the Hackatorium one day that they had access to all of NB’s financial information and acounts who I think is very involved in fundraising. So I guess those are my qualms, but there are a bunch of things in the pipeline. I guess I’m interested in knowing when they think and you all think we’ll be generating more money than paying them and if there’s a goal to get to a point NB can take take on more of work as I would totally be interested in trying to help with grant writing and maybe other people would too.

Hope I can make it to the meeting tomorrow.

That was me, yes.

Actually I wasn’t referring to you. And I think it’s great that lots of people care about this stuff and seem to manage things well like you and that person. But like everything it could be more transparent and I’d like to help out if I could. For example, I have participated in a number of meetings where we kind of stall out on the financial report and often there’s no one there with concrete information and the link on the wiki is quite old but looks like, and the notes template ( has a link to a noisetor site which doesn’t work

I would be super interested in helping getting these up and running again so people at the meeting and outside could easily see how things are going.

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We’re very bad at taking notes consistently and need help with then reporting it out at the general meeting. Can I volunteer you to help? :j