Please Introduce yourself!

(Mark) #61

Hello, I am Mark. I just started coming to Noisebridge this week and am looking to help out on projects or infrastructure wherever needed. Please let me know if something is broken, I can’t guarantee that I can fix it, but I am certainly willing to give it a shot! See you at NB!

(Zach) #62

Hey all,
I’ve been coming to the space since 2010 and am easily identified by my hacked mobility scooter/wheelchair. I’m an electrical engineer/hardware hacker/ DIY person of all sorts.

(Robert Snakard) #63

Hey Noisebridge,

I’m Snakard, a maker, Rust programmer, Postmates cowboy. Pretty much always down to chill while I work. Please don’t bother me if I’m studying.


Hi I’m Kat!

I’ve dropped by the space a few times. I’ve frequented the sewing area, have borrowed a file to make some jewelry less sharp. Generally, looking forward to learning more things (especially woodworking) and ways to help out! :slight_smile: