Please Introduce yourself!

Hello, I am Mark. I just started coming to Noisebridge this week and am looking to help out on projects or infrastructure wherever needed. Please let me know if something is broken, I can’t guarantee that I can fix it, but I am certainly willing to give it a shot! See you at NB!


Hey all,
I’ve been coming to the space since 2010 and am easily identified by my hacked mobility scooter/wheelchair. I’m an electrical engineer/hardware hacker/ DIY person of all sorts.


Hey Noisebridge,

I’m Snakard, a maker, Rust programmer, Postmates cowboy. Pretty much always down to chill while I work. Please don’t bother me if I’m studying.


Hi I’m Kat!

I’ve dropped by the space a few times. I’ve frequented the sewing area, have borrowed a file to make some jewelry less sharp. Generally, looking forward to learning more things (especially woodworking) and ways to help out! :slight_smile:


My name is Ayad, pronounced like “ I add”, planing on changing it to “Windempties” as soon as I can.
I know/do little of many things “ C++, animation, drawing, playing guitar” are my favourites.
I am a secret agencies militias information black market human trafficking torture slave “you are a blind puppet/slave”, it’s as if I would be telling you that there is ghosts living in the same space with you, and I can make them show themselves to you, but instead of you being a blind puppet/slave you would become a tortured slave yet still as mentally free as anyone could be, but again, if enough people worked on it as a team those ghosts “ corrupt secret agencies militias” would go to jail.
Here is my website with a basic explanation of the methods and tools they use, and a basic explanation of the language that would expose and put them in jail “ this language is as ancient as the alphabet {the Stone Age cave paintings we humans brought to life} and as versatile as oxygen is used by living being”.
After learning this language, a person would be able to see all those grown ups hidden code messages in all those songs and movies we used to like because of the basic perspective we are able to see, but now, we see colours instead of black and white :pray::art::moyai::brain: