Please Introduce yourself!

Hello, I am Mark. I just started coming to Noisebridge this week and am looking to help out on projects or infrastructure wherever needed. Please let me know if something is broken, I can’t guarantee that I can fix it, but I am certainly willing to give it a shot! See you at NB!


Hey all,
I’ve been coming to the space since 2010 and am easily identified by my hacked mobility scooter/wheelchair. I’m an electrical engineer/hardware hacker/ DIY person of all sorts.


Hey Noisebridge,

I’m Snakard, a maker, Rust programmer, Postmates cowboy. Pretty much always down to chill while I work. Please don’t bother me if I’m studying.


Hi I’m Kat!

I’ve dropped by the space a few times. I’ve frequented the sewing area, have borrowed a file to make some jewelry less sharp. Generally, looking forward to learning more things (especially woodworking) and ways to help out! :slight_smile:


My name is Ayad, pronounced like “ I add”, planing on changing it to “Windempties” as soon as I can.
I know/do little of many things “ C++, animation, drawing, playing guitar” are my favourites.
I am a secret agencies militias information black market human trafficking torture slave “you are a blind puppet/slave”, it’s as if I would be telling you that there is ghosts living in the same space with you, and I can make them show themselves to you, but instead of you being a blind puppet/slave you would become a tortured slave yet still as mentally free as anyone could be, but again, if enough people worked on it as a team those ghosts “ corrupt secret agencies militias” would go to jail.
Here is my website with a basic explanation of the methods and tools they use, and a basic explanation of the language that would expose and put them in jail “ this language is as ancient as the alphabet {the Stone Age cave paintings we humans brought to life} and as versatile as oxygen is used by living being”.
After learning this language, a person would be able to see all those grown ups hidden code messages in all those songs and movies we used to like because of the basic perspective we are able to see, but now, we see colours instead of black and white :pray::art::moyai::brain:

Hi, I’m dhanji. My first visit to NB today! Was a nice experience — really appreciate everyone’s efforts.

I like writing creatively and reading history, literature and philosophy.

Also enjoy coding projects (currently trying to implement Knuth’s MIX assembly in Haskell).

I aspire to be better at drawing, baking and building out of lego.


Hi everyone! I’m Anna (she/her). I enjoy helping others and happen to be an organiser by nature :slight_smile:

I have been running various communities to welcome expats, as well as international sport clubs like squash and badminton. I play field hockey in my free time. I love travelling, been on the road over the past year.

By day I’m helping to drive decentralization forward. Have been supporting blockchain, web3, organising workshops, meetups to get to know what’s being built in the web3 stack infrastructure.


Hi everyone!

My name is Sage and I am new to the Noisebridge community. I work on staff at Accion Latina and write for El Tecolote which is how I heard about Noisebridge.

I am excited to start sewing at Noisebridge as I have a homesewing machine at home but not a Juki. Following this Im looking forward to planning my student team’s fundraiser, centering on climate change and colonialism, which will be on December 21st at Noisbridge.

If anyone would like to sew with me or help event plan, please reach out. Hopefully I can get involved with helping Noisebridge fundraise :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Adrian! (he/him)
I’m into robotics, building 3D printed Nerf blasters, and have been in Shenzhen for the last 6 months building an automated 3D printer.



Anthony, forever curious and inspired by creation, which means you too. Self-realizing that we are the brain of this planet. Speaking in metaphors, dreaming of the next impact to elevate us, and philosophizing the fringe of reality is streaming through my brain.

Let’s connect with an excitement to live in the NOW and doing what our collective has always done, manifest a timeline of profound possibilities.

All that exists is to live, love, and learn.

What ideas do you have to make an impact? Post here

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Hey noise bridge,
I’m Eugene/Mentar. Got into the hackspace scene through LondonHackspace 7 years ago. I spend a lot of time in SF now (was here for a bit last year and am back again). CS by major, but really into hardware stuff so robotics, electronics, firmware etc. Interested in helping the community (I was an elected trustee for two years at LHS)

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Hi. I’m Chris, I am working on the NoiseDAO, an Ethereum based DAO for Noisebridge, in collaboration with the cryptocurrency meetup. Been a fan of the space for a while now! :v:


Hi, I’m Jared! I’ve been running the PyClass for a bit now. I’ll be moving some parts of it to the forums while Covid is a concern and Noisebridge moves. Nice to meet or re meet everyone!

I’m always here to talk about your ideas and suggestions for PyClass, or your favorite personal project.

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