Please Introduce yourself!

(Bernice Anne W. Chua) #41

Hi Francis!! ^_^ Nice to meet you at the Global Game Jam. I’m glad that you decided to stick around after that!! :smile:

(Trent) #42

Hi Francis,

You might be interested to talk to Jared who runs the Noisebridge Python class. He may be looking for guest speakers or other collaboration.

(monofuel) #43


I’m Andrew and I used to be a Viking. I didn’t have glasses back then because they weren’t invented yet. I love 3D printing! I have a Makerfarm Pegasus 12" that I upgraded from a Makerfarm Prusa i3. I’ve been working on a kossel mini. I have printed and assembled an Adafruit Pigrrl zero and Pigrrl 2.

I’ve been working on a 3D HTML5 Multiplayer RTS in Typescript

I love self-hosting and homelab stuff. I made a raspberry pi cluster:

I mainly play text based games, retro games, EVE Online and Final Fantasy XIV.

(to go) #44

Hi everybody. I’m togo. I’m easy to spot because I often have a stickered motorcycle helmet and high viz gear. I code, I hack on electronics and motorcycles, and i am about to learn to weld DC. Which is surprisingly close to charging a n electric motorcycle at high amps. I hope to graduate to RFID status at some point.

(Karo Ladino) #45

Hi Everyone! I’m Karo Ladino, robotics engineer and hardware hacker from Colombia :slight_smile: I’m regular visitor of San Francisco and I love to spent all of my free time in Noisebridge, I really love the place and the people I met.

Thanks for making it real!

(Steph) #46

Hello Everyone,

My name is Steph and I’m relatively new around here. I am a graphic designer / maker and looking forward to connecting with folks and learning new things.

See you around.


(Ben Creasy) #47


I moved to San Francisco in January 2015 to do a bootcamp (Hack Reactor), switching from a career of public service as an insurance regulator for the State of Alaska in Juneau. Since August 2015 I’ve lived down the street near 24th. I don’t show up too often; maybe once or twice a week.

I hosted a Wikipedia meetup at Noisebridge for a year or so ( altho we’re back at the Wikimedia HQ these days. Wikipedia editing is a hobby that I’ve enjoyed for over a decade or so.

I’ve done webdev for a living for the past few years. Unemployed as of a few weeks ago and focusing on self-care while exploring opportunities. Itches that I’m scratching and I’d like to scratch include messing around with various open-source projects, medical records APIs (FHIR), and trading equities.

(Sean Tilley) #48

Hey all, I’m Sean.

I have a life-long obsession with computers and operating systems, and passionately follow the developments of Free Software and decentralization. My hobbies / interests include web application development, playing instruments, singing karaoke, stand-up comedy, creative writing, and game development. I write a blog on federated social networks at We Distribute, and curate a collection of Creative Commons / Public Domain films and documentaries with the VidCommons project.

I’m constantly trying to learn new things, right now that includes Elixir, playing piano, and writing fiction.

(Nick) #49

Hello all,

My name is Nick, handle is @sigint on most everything (I go by either in meatspace). I’m a transient member of the space but looking forward to being a more permanent fixture soon!!

I have a passion for computer and physical security, low level systems programming and operating systems, and infrastructure/networking.

I also love the community aspect of Noisebridge and am super excited to be a part of it.

(Hal) #50

Hi I’m Hal - I’m passionate about crypto and music production (Ableton Live), so feel free to contact me @feewet.

(Cobi Williams) #51

What kind of music do you like to play Sean?

(Eric C Boykin) #52

Hi all,

Eric here. I’m interested in anything I can build or program on; not really any limit to it. I have interests in things that I know nothing about (Sewing, 3D printing, machining, carpentry) to things that I feel very comfortable doing or teaching (some Programming, Acrylic Painting, Sculpture, Cosmetology).
I love people and helping out and am always excited to meet new faces. If you see me in the space, please say hello! Can’t wait to spend more time here and get to know some of you. Thanks for having me!

-Eric (or jynX)

(Bunny) #53

Iz Bunny (they/it). 100% new.
Interested in laser/fabric + help maintain such areas.
Occasional wknite evenings b/c haz skool after bacon-table-jobbie.

(Robert Nielsen) #54

Hello Everyone, I am Robert, and love working with electronics, I am trying to bring stuffed kittens to life and help people maintain a sane life via humor. I come to NB almost everyday now. #thankyou

(Dave Walker) #55

Hey everyone, Dave here.
Have visited NB occasionally for 2+ years, but now I’m resolving to really get involved more and give back what I can.
Interested in making music and instruments, IOT stuff, woodworking, plants and ecosystems.
Most recently I’ve been building a (B)Art Car and a synthesizer/sequencer, and the laser cutter has been invaluable for both.
DevOps person by day, with a background in electrical and mechanical engineering.
If there’s anything I can help with, fixing things, teaching etc, just let me know!


Hi everyone, I’m Manfredi. I go by Fredi, easier to remember!

I first came to Noisebridge last year, found out about this great space through the Python class. I wasn’t around the past few months for various reasons, but am now ready to visit more often and collaborate/participate in initiatives.

Mainly interested about programming, using Python for automation stuff, machine learning, and any data related project.

See you all at NB!

(Casey C) #57

Hello! Yesac / Casey here.

I’ve been a part of the Noisbridge community since moving to CA way back in (checks calendar)… 2010. Wow, that sure is a time ago.

I’ve worked on random things at NB, like a self-driving RC car, some LED clothing, and lots of Python code that doesn’t work. I’ve met some awesome people, and kicked out some real dirtbags. 2013 was a garbage year, NB-wise. I helped a lot with the reboot, especially with the electricians and floor work (what staircase?).

Ever since 2015, I’ve lived in Berlin. As soon as I moved there, some jerks elected me President of Noisebridge, on the (correct) assumption that I wouldn’t do anything. I eventually abdicated.

I make a point to visit whenever I’m in SF.

(xander johnson) #58

Hi Comrades,

Today was my second day at Noisebridge. I’ve already met some really nice people and am excited to learn and share information with the community. I live in SF & am a software engineer on a machine learning team in SoMA.

I’m interested in:

  • programming languages (python / go / nim / rust)
  • making music with people
  • learning more about EE, arduino, embedded systems
  • doing more creative machine learning and AI
  • learning how to use the laser cutter
  • helping organization and catalog information at noisebridge
  • and generally making friends / meeting people

Looking forward to meeting more of you all :slight_smile:


Hi Noisebridge, this is my third time here, My first time was on Monday. I would like to volunteer at make event, and also help collaborate to teach networking, servers and security. I will not be able to join meeeting this Friday, however I am available from 15 to 18 to hekp out with make event. A bit about myself, I am a network engineer with 10 years of experience in enterprsise networks. Curretly learing Python for network automation. Aslo, I wanted to see if someone can add me to Noise brdge slack channel. My email: Respectfully, Rassul.

(John Doherty) #60

Hello, I’m a full stack developer from the UK. We’re building a system that will eventually replace the need for dedicated handheld barcode scanners with smartphones

We’re in SF for a couple of weeks working from coffee shops/public libraries and of course Noise Bridge. Come say hi!