Please Introduce yourself!

Greetings! I’m Nicole. I play with the laser cutter and help others learn to code. My primary focus is fundraising so Noisebridge can purchase a building for a Forever Home. :purple_heart:
If you happen to have $4,000,000 laying around and nothing excellent to do with it, let’s chat about Noisebridge. :yum:

Much like Lady Red, I’d like to get more people access to the space, so if you need a 30-day RFID token or are interested in becoming a philanthropist with 24hr access, message me!



I’m John/John Paul/JP and I use it or they/them pronouns.

I play bass and work on ambient, 8/16-bit video game inspired music, recording, mixing, production and composition. Link to my music is in my profile. I also love jamming with other musicians (I donated the bass guitar and Sunn amp to audio church to help facilitate more jamming).

Beyond that, I am a software engineer and I like to hack on electronics, sew bags and utilitarian items (though I’d like to learn more sewing skills), drawing, writing, gaming (I set up the tuxkart station with Justin), bicycles, and I really, really like cleaning and organizing.

I also live in an RV in SF so if anyone is interested in how that works or wants info on that, feel free to ask.


Hi I’m Paul he/him. I’m an underemployed data scientist/engineer, coffee enthusiast, academy of sciences volunteer, beginning sewing person, part time CCSF student, and occasional film photography messmaker.

I’ve only been to Noisebridge a handful of times but would like to figure out some way to help.


Hi I’m Jay. I help others with their code projects & do JavaScripts in the hackitorium. Slowly learning about hardware hacking. Always down to play Tux Kart. #infogang


Hi I’m Zsasha. I mainly attend the free code camp meetup on Tuesday. I’ve been working on my final project for a bootcamp. I’m using a flask server and react frontend. I’m looking forward to starting a new project at the terrible ideas hackathon!


Hi, I am Henner! I like to improve things, which typically involves some software and hardware; In the software world that typically involves sending small contributions to a bunch of free software or writing smallish things from scratch. Hardware is typically some electronics, but often coupled with some mechanical component (sometimes a bit meta like in LDgraphy).

Noisebridge contributions include the parts database, the RFID system or the FlaschenTaschen software. 3D printing and a bit of CNC-ing which also includes the Laser are my preferred toys. I still have to learn some proper constraint-based CAD system such as FreeCad for 2D based systems (3D I usually use OpenSCAD). For now, I stick with PostScript as a programmable 2D “CAD” system…



Im Victor, I just moved to SF. I live in the Mission. Im a Software Engineer. I do stand-up comedy all the time and produce a show around the corner at Bissap Baobab.

I’m here to hack on RaspberryPi stuff, im sort of new to hardware. I made an electronic pinata that plays music through a blue tooth speaker and reacts to different levels of trauma with quotes.

Outside of that im learning some webdev technologies so I can have a career.

Feel free to grab me if you need help around the space with misc duties, seriously im willing to help.

Nice to meet all of you!


Hi all!

I’m Cobi, a recent (and temporary :cry:) resident of SF

I have fairly extensive experience with music software, ranging from FL Studio to Reaktor. I’m trying to dive one level deeper and make my own audio software, currently by learning Puredata. Also, I’m learning how to build hardware electronic musical instruments (currently on hold due to being a poor student).

I’m enthusiastically willing to help around the space by contributing labor or helping with social projects. I’m super interested in learning more about how our community functions and runs noisebridge, but not currently interested in taking any particular roles (or telling anyone how to do their job).

as for non hacking things - I love finding sub $10 meals near Noisebridge, tell me your favorite place or ask mine!

I’m awful with names, so please don’t take it personally the third or tenth time I ask your name.

It’s been wonderful meeting those of you I’ve already met, and I look forward to meeting the rest.


Are you into making chiptunes, @cwil? :smiley:


Whoa, @VictorT, you sound like a blast at parties! :joy: Have you heard about the Noisebridge gala in April? We’re looking for fun hacky activities & performers.


Also I think I revamped the electronic section that one time while I was living in SF? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I’m Vicky and I’ve been a member for a few years… I’m shy and keep away from the community.

I hack on VR, laser cutting and simple electronics.

I’m a sensitive girl that likes to be alone so if you see me please be kind and please understand that I’m an awkward nerd that has difficulty expressing themselves.

Thanks for reading. :heart_eyes:




Hey folks! Lily here, on the fundraising team helping to raise dollars for Noisebridge’s new home!


Wow I see about the Noisebridge gala! I would love to perform and advise on comedians to book. Please inbox me an email address if you want to talk. Also new flyers for my show on 02/26th in the mission are up on the fridge now ^ . ^


Oops! Late reply, sorry! A little bit, but it’s not a big focus of mine. is fun!


Hey, I’m Kelly (she/her)

I’m into 3D printing and infosec. Currently focusing on radio/IoT hacking. I like making wearable things like buttons, laser cut jewelry, and 3D printed clothes/accessories.


Hi everyone, my name is Bernice! ^_^

I work on videogames, and I am learning AI.

What I do at Noisebridge:
I help out at Gamebridge, I help out with NGALAC, I cut things with lasers, I facilitate the Queer Game Devs Meetup every month, I co-organize the Global Game Jam, I would like to learn how to use everything else, and I tell the people about Noisebridge’s fundraising efforts and ask them to donate! ^_^ I also help out with other random things like event support, and other small things when I am at NB. I’m trying to start a meetup called “AI for N00bs”, but I need to find the time for it LOL.

Outside of Noisebridge, I work on videogames, and I am learning AI. I also write articles for in ^_^

For fun, I play videogames, I read, I go hiking, I practice yoga, I do the One Punch Man workout (except for running 10km each day), and I practice Muay-Thai! ^___^ (If you want to practice Muay Thai with me, let’s talk!! :blush:)

I got invited to last year in November, and signed up, but I forgot to actually click on the link in the confirmation email. I was only reading stuff in this message board at first, so I didn’t realize that anything was wrong, until I tried to post a message. Fortunately, @rando fixed my account for me. ^___^ (Thanks!!!)

Anyway, like I mentioned above, most of the time I only read messages (basically, a “lurker”, because I don’t have a lot of time, so I only want to do things that add value or things that don’t stretch myself too thin), and I rarely post unless I feel like I have something constructive to add. I’ll see you around!!


Hi everyone,

I’m Francis, and I live nearby in the neighborhood! I’ve dropped in now and then for events but am trying to get back into working on electronic art projects so am hoping to be spending more time in the space. I’m a software engineer by training and experience, but have long experimented and worked with creative coding tools and software, electronics, 3D printing, etc.

I enjoy teaching, and am a board member for dev/Mission, which provides educational and employment opportunities in tech to untapped youth here in the Mission and now expanding to other underserved youth across SF. I’m also working on building out a creative coding curriculum in p5js for elementary school students as a cofounder of another org called Passion for Coding…

Always happy to help and chat, so please feel free to say hello if you see me in the space!



Hi Francis!! ^_^ Nice to meet you at the Global Game Jam. I’m glad that you decided to stick around after that!! :smile:

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