Please Introduce yourself!

(James) #1

Welcome! Please take a moment to introduce yourself so others can recognize you!

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(James) #3

My name is James. I’m a happy volunteer that got the server hosting this forum donated. Also started up AudioChurch Potluck and co-started the 101 Intro to Ableton classes at Noisebridge. You are welcome to get full details on either of those via our Meetup.

(Ratikate) #4

Hi James!

My name is Katherine. I rid Noisebridge of rats so if you see any, let me know. I recently reignited 5mof, did some work on the fundraising front, and do the bare minimum for our social media accounts.


My name is Victoria, handle @tdfischer.

I have a storied history with Noisebridge and LARP as a kind of space mom historian. Right now I work on fundraising, MC of 5mof, and this grand Noisebridge re-founding experiment.

(Matt) #6


I like hacking on hardware, and generally like fixing things in the space. Currently working on Ordibooth, some of the 3D printers, and internal architecture. I like to consider myself a social engineer.

I love helping and I love people who love helping so if that’s you, let me know, there’s tons of cool stuff to do around the space!

(Ruth Grace Wong) #7

Hi all,
I’m Ruth and I like to do sewing and laser cutting at Noisebridge. Starting to learn firmware and I work part time doing manufacture engineering.

(Naomi Most) #8

Howdy humans!

I’ve been “around” Noisebridge for about 10 years so I SEEN SOME SHIT.

Lately I’ve been collecting what I call Social Technologies in order to better understand our society (Noisebridge, SF, and beyond). You could also call these “lenses” through which to see relationships, governments, religions, and civilizations.

Tech wise I do a lot of bioinformatics-related python and I’m passionate about Open Source software.

I’m ramping up my involvement in academic publishing activism and environmental activism.

I believe in anarcho-syndicalism, consensus, and bullshit performance art For Great Justice.

Beep boop,
Naomi (aka nthmost aka pandora)

(tim) #9

Hey y’all,

I hack, I headbang, and I give silly talks about genetic engineering during 5MOF.

Keep it excellent,

(Silver) #10

Hola my name is Silver and I do sewing stuff such as sourcing fabric/fixing machines teaching upcycling… I also organize art community events for queer-trans people of color🙃

(Page thom) #11

Hi, my name is Page. I like to paint, sculpt, bake and make music. During school it’s mostly the last two. I really enjoy getting to know people and I love to learn how to do stuff way out of my scope.
I use he/him they/them.

(Kieryn Darkwater) #12

I’m Kieryn!

I’m a blue-haired transmasc enby who occasionally visits from the East Bay for 5mof, clean-noisebridge-weekends (I’m responsible for the pipe monster on the stairwell :3), and making club mate based drinks for the 10th 5th birthday party(ies).

I’m activist/organizer/artist/hack of an ever increasing amount of trades. I co-host a weekly podcast about the intersection of evangelical christianity and the impact & influence that movement has in the US. I like to paint, write, dabble in machining, and I’ve recently rekindled my appreciation for breadmaking :bread: :slight_smile:

(Lady Red) #13

Hi I’m Lady Red! I’ve used every machine at noisebridge but the kiln.
I’m a member. If you see me in the space and you don’t have RFID access, I can give it to you!

(r) #14

Hi, I’m R (they/them). I help maintain the network and the laser cutter and do a bit of everything in the space.

(Trent) #15

Hi, I am Trent - he/him - I like to

(anthony faber) #16

I’m Anthony (he/they). I’m stagnating on a simple app (public app) for Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema that will allow anyone to know whether the venues at the Friday Night Film Crawl are full, and another app (venue app) that will let at least one volunteer at each venue change the fullness status that gets displayed by the previous app, plus something to send this data to both apps and receive updates from the volunteer app.
i’m also interested in some of the classes, etc, and am willing to help out with anything that my meager talents, energy level, and total lack of dexterity and coordination allows me to.

(Grant Patterson) #17

Hi there, I’m Grant, he/him. I recently quit my software job to make art full time! As such I’ll be spending more time at Noisebridge and I’m considering becoming a philanthropist. I use the laser cutter a lot. I make LED art, software, music. Let’s talk about the best addressable LED chipset, why Python is great, hot new electronic music, etc.

(Ashlynn) #18

I’m Ashlynn (she/her). I do infosec stuff for sustaining myself and electronics stuff/3d printer stuff on the side!


I’m Joseph. Excited by the Guild concept. Perhaps we can establish a Blockchain Guild, given we have a bunch of overlap between NB and Starfish. In the space I am usually teaching myself how to work with smart contracts, or figuring out my Raspberry Pi. Outside of Noisebridge, in my spare time I do transit and regional planning advocacy. Currently reading Mutual Aid by Kroptokin.

(James) #20

I’m James - you’ll probably find me near the electronics or shop areas. I’m a software engineer by day and looking forward to help with other people’s projects and the infrastructure where I can.