Philosophy Guild Meetings are Happening every Wednesday night at 8pm

By popular concession we’ve moved our operation into a private Facebook Group, which helps corral people a little better and convince people that Yes It’s Really Happening, Again.

We’ve been doing a great job having a meeting every Wednesday at 8pm.

What we talk about ranges from the basics of metamodernism all the way to pragmatic applications of metamodern philosophy within Noisebridge.

You need to apply to join the group. If we don’t know who you are you might need to contact someone to let us know how you got there and what’s your interest. FB spam is a thing.

After some discussion of what different people are looking for with these meetings, the consensus was to make the Wednesday night meetings a “living room” discussion vibe. I’m working on what to post with each meeting reminder to set expectations appropriately:

This meeting is a casual space, rather like a large communal table in the back of a mildly pretentious cafe :face_with_monocle:. Pull up a virtual chair! Type something in for us to call you under your video box, and join the conversation. As happens when you drop in on a communal table, we’ll get to know each other as we talk rather than have formal introductions.

There’s no agenda, although it is assumed that everyone has a basic understanding of metamodernism, and is comfortable with some form of spiral dynamics a.k.a. the Graves model.

It is probably a good idea to have listened to Jim Rutt’s podcast with Hanzi Freinacht, as this view of metamodernism is a frequent topic.
TBD: intro resource on Spiral Dynamics.


For this week’s meeting we will use this Online Town space:
Password: social-hour

In addition to the podcast on metamodernism mentioned in my last post, this PDF is a reasonably concise introduction to Spiral Dynamics, although a bit more business-oriented than philosophy-oriented: