Phabricator (nb project manager)

@rando thanks for getting the ball rolling! will the phabricator instance be accessible to the external internet?

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yup! already is. except I locked myself out of the admin account. lol. once I fix that, I can approve accounts, and then I need to put the ask config in there. which will eventually be https.

currently using GitHub for SSO, which is nice because we can pull keys from there and provide access to NB’s GitHub with same logins. but is not strictly mandatory if people really don’t like that.

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ok, account approval is now possible, if interested, please sign up at

To anyone that doesn’t have a github account, i really suggest getting one. If anyone is turned off by this we can enable other auth methods.

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I’ve created an account on Phabricator and started a list of open source projects to benefit Noisebridge. The benefit of making the list there as the wiki (instead of here or is that the items can be converted to actual projects and tasks!

I can’t seem to login with my github account - I get re-direct URI:

Login Failed

Authentication provider ("GitHub") encountered an error while attempting to log in. The OAuth provider returned an error: redirect_uri_mismatch

heh. I probably didn’t switch that to https. will do shortly when I’m home

Ok, this should be fixed now. NEeded to update the callback site to https on the noisebridge github app settings.

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Great - I can login now, thanks :slight_smile: the only thing I’ve found broken is updating your profile photo

why are you trying to update my profile photo :not_sure_if_serious:

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I will say the UI is not as intuitive as I like. We will benefit from simple how-tos.

ur now an admin pls fix stuff as you see fit.

I enabled imagemagick but i dont think that’s the issue. when I try to upload i says “supported formats: .” but i see the formats enabled in settings.

Awaiting Phabricator approval :+1:

Approved and admined

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Yeah, i fixed the ones i figured were major. we can work to clean them. Rigth now I need to focus on other NB stuff thats higher priority but I can come back to it later.

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ok! is now ssl only. Thanks to Steve again for showing me the ssl config.

FYI if people want to learn to set up Linux/Nginx/Letsencrypt/(other stuff?) web stack, i would just start asking questions. lots of expertise here to get started, and these are very useful to have for testing and to know how to do to run your own stuff.

sweet. Let’s do some stuff.

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