Parts database: how to put on phone homescreen and see favicon?


I noticed that has a nice way to put as icon in and Android phone and it works nicely.

Now I’d like to have a way to put the parts database on my (Android-)phone homescreen. In the mobile chome, I can say to put it on the homescreen, but then it shows up as a dull icon with ‘N’ inside (abbreviating the title). What I’d expect is, that it generates an icon that looks like the favicon ( ). But it isn’t. Why ? Does it want more resolution ?

What is wrong ? Anyone around who knows how to work the quirks of phone-browsers that don’t work as expected ?

Suggestions or ideally pull requests welcome (

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Google around for Progressive Web App. It involves creating a manifest file and adding some stuff to the html meta tags.

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I believe so, yeah. I haven’t found any other way to do it, but thankfully the manifest file format is pretty minimal and straightforward!

Ok cool. Added this to stuff-org, and now it should be possible to go to the
URL in the mobile browser and tell it to ‘Add to homescreen’, upon which it will create an icon on the homescreen and then opens it without; even without address bar, so it almost looks like a ‘standalone-app’.

Thanks @tdfischer for the tip.


Even if I just want to make it show the link to the browser as favicon without any other app-progressiveness ? Looks like at least the manifest file is not XML, which I guess is a glimps of hope in all this brokenness…

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