Outside CCTV Consensus

So, with all the issues recently regarding cameras in the space, I wanted to re-affirm consensus on having non-recording, non-networked cameras on the exterior of the space for the purpose of “Buzzing” people in. I’d like to put monitors that are viewing this feed in open parts of the space, one downstairs visible from the main hackitorium area, and another in the middle of the hallway upstairs. Everything related to this CCTV will be done in a well documented, inclusive, open and transparent way.

I don’t think we need to have literal, “big C” consensus on this, because we are essentially just going back to the way it was before lockdown, but I wanted to have an open conversation about it so that people have an opportunity to discuss it, and potentially block it before anyone spends any real effort trying to get this going…

Also see Trying to setup CCTV


I have no objections! We can put it on our short list for next month (once small-c consensed at a meeting)

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Yeah, I think having a camera like we had before is a big part of access control along with the 86 list.

Though unless the garage door is closed the camera is a bit redundant as people will likely protest lack of entry from the fence. :smiley:
Might be nice to get it going in anticipation of the day when the entire fence is built though…

There are many days when we don’t have the garage door up, and there are just a hand full of people in the space


In that case, remotely being able to buzz ppl in would be great.

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