Our Gala Total: $3300.28

Broken down, that is:

  • $1139.28 net bar (income minus alcohol bought)
  • $996.00 front door acrylic box (which includes all cash auction income)
  • $76.00 front door metal box
  • $1089.00 donate.noisebridge.net (which includes all non-cash auction income)

On top of that, we have pledges that were lined up for Raise the Paddle that will still be collected, even though we didn’t do that, which is mostly cancelled out by paying the performances, so net $0 there.

Good fucking job, y’all. We kicked ass and raised a fuckton of money. Josef has some notes for us we’ll review soon.

This concludes the Fundraising Guild’s rent party, which now makes us an Official Noisebridge Guild.

I am now going to go sleep for seventeen years. See you all on Tuesday :purple_heart: