Otis Elevator isn't the only game in town

Otis might just be the worst elevator company in existence. See SF BBB complaints and SF Yelp Reviews for starters. And that’s just SF – they’re a nationwide company.

I am not here to endorse any other particular company. Only to point out that, if we are to stay in this location – which is not certain, but IF we are – we will need to deal with The Elevator Problem, because I don’t think our landlord will.


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Some useful information. It seems silly to leave the elevator locked out just because Otis didn’t do as many repairs as they said they were going to / charged for stuff they didnt do.

I’m still very confused as to how the elevator went from “kind of broken and maybe we can hire someine to fix it” to completely unusable and locked down for the past 10 months.

Is anyone up for calling some other elevator repair companies and getting some quotes? What’s being done right now? Can people other than Ruth to do some stuff? She’s already taken on so much by herself.

Thanks for the explanation here. In the interest of not flooding The Forum with this topic, I’ll try to keep my responses in the other longer thread.

The inspection office holds this building in contempt, basically.

I finally received after my inquiry this past summer the entire history of inspections for this elevator.

One of the biggest problems noted in the history is that non-licensed people were found to have operated on the elevator. Some big red-marker circles and “all caps” writing went on various pages to highlight just out “out of order” this was.