Ordibooth refresh

(Matt) #1

Ordibooth stopped working after a corrupted raspi SD card. r and I have looked into it a bit, and I have decided to rebuild the image pipeline it from scratch to understand how it worked. The project is currently here, and is close to being ready. Each individual function works, but im slowly integrating them to be, at a minimum, a photobooth.

Once the photobooth works, stipplegen can be added, then finally axidraw integration.

Let me know if you want to help. Other people learning the tools now will help enhance it later. I’m using Kivy and it seems really easy to add things like overlays so we can add emoji’s and custom stuff from SVGs to the pics.

I’m also going to integrate ft (done) and twitter so ppl can tweet out pics they send, or post them directly to FT for a laff.

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