Opening & Closing the Space - Automation and Accessibility in Home Assistant

Wrote into an excellent podcast today, asking them about automation of better opening and closing Noisebridge. You can listen to their suggestions at starting at 39 minutes 40 seconds.


Many light switches and power connections in 272 Capp Street are inaccessible. It is not an easy task to turn them on and off. Let alone map them by room. My immediate thought was to buy Feit $45 3-pack smart switches, bulbs at $39.99 for 4-bulbs, $37 3-pack door sensors and 3-pack power outlets at $29.99 for 3-pack from Costco and flashing them with Tasmota.


There are many ways to simplify the process of opening and closing Noisebridge, which can be done with Wifi or other radio-style protocols like Z-wave and Zigbee. Whether it is turning on lights on a specific location with a button, or shutting down the entire space, we can absolutely refine this process.


Home Assistant allows easy automation of many, many devices. Think of it as a fully open source, local Google Home or Alexa. It could be run on a Raspberry Pi, or run on our Ansible configuration at Noisebridge Infrastructure.


Send me your suggestions and I’ll follow up with Ask Noah. They are amazing, and we can totally find a great solution that makes opening, closing, and running Noisebridge simpler for the average person hoping to walk in and run an event, regardless of whether they already know where the light bulb switches are.


Is this Pi4 available for use? It is a good candidate for home assistant. Appears to not be in use.

Issue created on github. Added to original post. Seems the Pi was for something else and disappeared, so looking to set this up on Pegasus.