Open Source Hardware - MNT Reform laptop

March 4th open hardware meetup, special guest! Coming all the way from Berlin, Germany, this open hardware laptop was built using many manufacturing techniques seen at Noisebridge–3D printing, laser engraving, laser cutting, as well as CNC machining. A quad-core ARM CPU, LiFePO4 rechargeable batteries, a mechanical backlit keyboard, and a hacker-friendly design make this the more personal computer.

Go hands-on with MNT Reform, ask questions, learn about how you can create derivitive works, and meet fellow Reform users. Special appearance by MNT Research founder Lukas F. Hartmann via Jitsi! Event begins at 6 pm with Lukas calling in around 8 pm.

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wow, this sounds super cool!! and I hope to learn more about lifepo4 batts, they seem to be replacing li ion as the new go-to standard.
will it be live via the usual hackitorium jitsi link? :slight_smile:

Is this meeting accessible via Jitsi?
The speaker is live via jitsi, it said.
I have jitsi.
What is the jitsi room name??

Thank :slight :slight_smile:

the links on the nb wiki
to roo.s turing, … & main arent working.

Hi Steve,
I tried via Jitsi for those rooms as well. I dont think it was streamed, or if it was, I couldnt find the link :frowning: