Open Registration: Lets Turn It On!

Continuing the discussion from Invites, Trust Levels, and You: How do they work?:

I’m going to flip this knob tonight and turn on open registration and announce it at the meeting, unless there are objections. We don’t quite have 50 users yet but I do feel like we have enough #content here that adding the rest of the community will lead to even more good stuff.

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Okily Dokily.
One of my asks is that I hope that once open registration is on, that those people who have moderation privileges feel empowered to use them.
Our slack is not moderated. We have admins who have the powers to do that but I don’t think they use their powers very much to mute/ban/moderate. Perhaps that’s one reason why it’s so toxic. So I hope that the people here who are admins/moderators feel empowered to use their power to keep the discussion here nice.