Open invitation for people to come teach classes or workshops at Noisebridge

Continuing the discussion from Meeting Notes 7/27/2021:

Open invitation for people to come teach classes or workshops here!!!

Quick workshops would be good as well, just a few people.

If you have other ideas, just let us know!

You'll be helping us to re-open. :)
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I’ll run a workshop any time this afternoon after 2 that someone wants it, for editing and administering Wikimedia wikis (ie the Noisebridge wiki!)


Open invitation shared to our Scuttlebutt Public server. Can a volunteer please share on our major social media accounts as well.

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I’m still unpacking from a move, but should have some time and a couple ideas for workshops I could help run in the near future.

  • Coffee roasting. Did a couple of these before and they were popular. It’s cheap/easy/fun with a good output. Can throw a thermocouple in the roaster (popcorn popper) and watch the process.

  • Growing oyster mushrooms. Years ago we built an arduino powered humidity chamber and tried to cultivate them on a range of substrates including saw dust, cardboard, coffee grounds. Not everything worked but was lot of fun!

  • Making lacto-fermented pickles or similar. It’s easy, cheap, people can take something home, we could even stick a RasPi with some sensors on one, watch the progress of fermentation.


I can donate a popcorn popper for the Greater Good if that would be helpful.

And yes! Please, oyster mushroom growing and pickling classes would be stellar! What do you need to get them started? I’d love to assist.

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