One class ends, another begins!

So tonight was the fourth and final week of ZHC (Zachs Hardware class). It was epic and a lot of fun, check out the circuit we designed and made with the othermill (we did it over Zoom tonight and I used a tripod as requested @themanmaran :slight_smile: )

I made a bunch of these for the students to assemble as kits.

Also, given the success of this class, a fellow engineer friend of mine decided to teach their own and get the word out with Noisebridge !!

Their class will be on monetizing hardware designs and it will also be on Sunday nights.

They want my help advertising it, so Iā€™m here to ask @Roboto and @James @pyconaut and whoever - how can I get access to the meetup to post their new class for them? Ill add it here and to the wiki too, of course

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