[old] Laser is (no longer) down (2019-08-12 @ 23:43)

Hi there.

Someone in the space pulled me aside and informed me that the laser cutter was not turning on for them. It was working earlier today, but has seen heavy constant use this past month.

More information:

  • When the switch is flipped, the screen on the laser flashes “white” for a moment then turns off.
  • The lights in the bed do not turn on.
  • Happened in the last 3-4 hours or so.
  • There are no notes around the laser cutter that might help diagnose what went wrong.

I’m just a messenger for someone in the space who reported it.

There’s already some folks debugging it / trying to figure it out. :heart:

Best of luck laser guild!

If there’s a thread on this somewhere please include me or make it public, it would be good to know who is doing what.

I’ll be in shortly to run diagnostics and gather information to send to the comlany.

Thanks for raising the issue. I’m replying in thread but it’s for everyone.

My response was a general question to whomever to widen the circle of information sharing if a circle has yet formed, and to let everyone know that I plan to start the process of raising the issue with the vendor.

In lieu of any other information, and because of my desire for Noisebridge to have a working laser, I will come in and have a look in a couple hours.

current behavior on power up is that the chiller turns on but not the controller.


@_ar and I are here so we’re going to start looking at it.

It’s obvious the controller isn’t getting power, so we’re going to start tracing power etc. will maybe live blog or not.

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Well, power isn’t flowing through the PSUs, of which there are 3. The Laser PS, a 24V PS and a 36V PS. we’re disconnecting them and testing each one.


Thanks for the updates. Any more?

OK, laser is back on, but not yet tested. Another maintainer is testing it out now, it may need alignment, but the real issue is the stop was pressed some how, intentionally (e.g. to stop.the laser) or not (e.g. by leaning on it). we are not yet 100% sure the laser is aligned and firing properly. we just found this out and reset everything

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laser is firing but.somewhat misaligned with the red dot. that’s all I have now. it would be great if someone can realign the laser tomorrow, I will not be coming to NB.

edited to add: it’s working, just be careful since the red dot is slightly off. give yourself about 1/4" wiggle room.

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Thanks! No information other than what was reported.

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