Offering rent/living space in exchange for Programming help or cofounder

I’m doing a web startup and seeking cofounders or team members willing to stay in my apartment in Pac Heights, so we can work together and successfully impact the web in a positive way. What I have in mind might be called a Collective Intelligence, but it also has qualities of direct demogracy, Twitter, or simply a news resource for introspecting on society and its innumerable demographics.

Mostly, I need help with back-end technical stuff. But a really successful web startup needs expertise in current trends, social norms, design, moral philosophy, economics, and more. More than anything, you need to be the kind of broad, open mind that shares a vision for generating psycho-social knowledge, contributing to the evolution of culture, and would enjoy shaping this (somewhat) fuzzy vision into something real through regular contact with results.

My personal dream is, basically, to raise our knowledge of ourselves, individually and collectively, by generating knowledge about us that is true and connects us in the ways we want to connect…which is pretty central to web economics.

Trust is likely the most valuable thing in existence. It always requires risk. If you want further details, contact me.

Also, I’m considering hosting a meetup group at noisebridge, if people are interested, on the “Future Evolution of the Web and Culture”. My background is in the study of cultural evolution, psychology, and philosophy, and I’d love to be connected with others who share the same interests. Such study would be very advantageous to any web entrepreneur.

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This looks like a duplicate of Looking for startup cofounder(s) / team members
Is that intentional?