Ode to The Door Access System

To make the phone keypad come alive
set the ground on pin 25

Need to hack and running late?
Remember the code is 1848

The bell you need to learn?
Hit the change return! :slight_smile:


All spoke too soon as the inside shed got borked when the keyboard got pulled in by the ladder of the roofing guy…
So it is all fubar and we are back to the pad lock for a while

Phone now working. Same code as before.
Door bell on the right.

Should the phone fail, use the padlock on the old gate near the crowd barrier. :slight_smile:
Also the same code.

Now all Teensy powered.

Some said it was jank… some said it wasn’t jank enough. :metal:

Will try to create as many docs as I can on the wiki and post back here.

Thanks to Jaguar, Relay, Claus, Ronald, TJ, eatnumber1 (for the amazing C code), Michael. Thanks to Leon and Noah for the door bell hacks and hanging up the phone casing! :smiley:
Thanks to @rlew631 for donating nice wire and soldering! :raised_hands: