Octoprint Camera

I tire of your personal attacks.

Encouraging someone to be nicer and explaining how they could have better handled a social problem is not a personal attack; please do not interpret it that way.

Instead, level up for the good of Noisebridge – and for the good of yourself!

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what ate you talking about. are you saying you think he’s right that I’m a bully for telling everyone the norm about cameras at Noisebridge?

What personal attack? He’s pointing out the objective truth that you received a helpful suggestion on how to tactfully handle a pretty basic situation, and for whatever neurotic reason you perceived it as a personal attack.

Rather than immediately jumping to divide our community by calling out your “oppressor” or whatever manipulative bullshit you’re attempting here, Matt, try a little introspection instead.

You are indeed a bully that has driven multiple wonderful hackers away from Noisebridge with your behavior. I have no idea if bullies like you can reform, but I do know you’ve been given multiple chances to act with compassion, to give the benefit of the doubt, to be excellent to others… but you keep falling back onto personal attacks.

which of you 3 saw the event take place and have objective facts about what was and wasnt done with the camera? who was in Noisebridge yesterday?

David’s story is a fabrication, this is why it’s s personal attack. its lies. I’m tired of it. not surprising you 2 show up and start jumping to conclusions just like all other times.

right now you both as basing your support on a story David fabricated. you’ve leapt to defend someone who imagined a scenario for the sole purpose of trying to paint me in a specific light.

Not a single one of you had a fact about the situation. you are all 3 trying to fabricate some bullshit again.

and you all do this having been no where near the space yesterday, just making things up. basically you all know nothing about what happened so haven’t a leg to stand on here.

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I actually don’t know the story here. But from your first post about the camera, it sounded like you took it. That may have just been a poor interpretation.

To clarify; did you take Michael’s camera, or were you just reporting that it happened?


why don’t you connect me and the person who is missing the camera and i will discuss with them. I mentioned a camera which shouldn’t be in Turing, they lost a camera they left in Turing, hell, it might even be the same camera.

they rest of you have no function in the discussion.

hell, it might have even been the same camera

Yea I disagree with that.

I saw the setup for the printer. There was plenty of signage that it was part of the octoprint setup for the new 3D printer. And afterward all’s the wires for the printer were ripped out.

Don’t be coy here. It’s sounding a lot like you stole someone’s camera to prove a point.


Tyler, your continued use of hyperbolics exacerbate situations, including this one. Since I can see that everything I say is going to be taken to mean exactly the opposite of what I have already stated, I will say nothing. I will summarize what I have said:
David intimated that I took the camera
I stated that is a lie

Normal people infer that to mean I am stating that I did not take the camera. It’s not confusing at all.

If you wish you put me in touch with the person whose camera is missing, I will speak with them. The rest of you can continue to escalate this issue on your own.

What kind of evasive nonsense is this? Do we need to get the SFPD involved?

Return whatever camera it was you stole directly to the location you stole it, Matt. Don’t require your victim to face you so you can berate them further with your goody two shoes act.

You made this post to shame David on a discussion forum open to the world, so expect random people to discuss your delusional concerns.

Matt it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with shitty behavior. When shitty behavior is advertised in a public forum if someone does not address or question it then it becomes a new norm. When people are forced to speak out about something and step into negative energy it is actually a burden to them, I hope you realize that. Your post was vague and disingenuous, you know exactly what octoprint is and exactly what was going on, and I believe you took someones camera without leaving a note, breaking a setup that someone spent time money and energy trying to contribute. Then, you want this person to come before the law if they want to know anything about where their camera might have been dissapeared to.


Also, you imply that I am interjecting. I am not interjecting, I was involved in setting up that much needed working 3d printer. I was upset in learning about the torn down setup, the missing camera michael couldnt find, and that the raspberry pi and custom mount that I personally donated had also been messed with - all with no note or information about what happened.


i chatted with Matt just now (online, not in person), and he said he is leaving Noisebridge and just has to get his stuff (he’ll probably pick it up on Monday).


Please tell him to give @spinda his camera back, if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks.

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I appreciate Matt and dont hold anything against him as a person - he just goes overboard sometimes when it comes to issues of policing and I dont know why it has to be that way.

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I have a bunch of extra webcams if some are needed for an Octoprint setup. Most are PS-Eyes. Can bring some by if that would work?

Hey we found a replacement camera already. But I would love to have a second octoprint setup for a different printer we have. Any donations would be put to use!

Roger that. I’ll bring them the next time around and will PM you.

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