Notes from Tuesday General Meeting 6/22/2021

Continuing the discussion from Tl;dr last Tuesday:

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Date: June 22nd 2021

These are the notes from the [The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge].

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Date: June 22nd, 2021

[Previous Meeting]

[Next Meeting] Note-taker: pyconaut Moderators: X

  • Finances:

Cash: $334,103 Crypto: $108,588 Total: $442, 691


Dave- Doing random stuff, likes hacking on stuff Dane- He him- sudo room
hope to help out at noisebridge X - Space Hacker, I like flying things
too TJ- He him- robotocist Victor - He him been coming to noisebridge
for a while, does hack comedy Evil Dan - he him hum- I like noisebridge,
weekly neurotech person, excited to become part of the background
woodwork of noisebridge Maya - She they - high schooler, want to learn
more noisebridge Pie ko naught - He him- been coming to noisebridge for
a while, doing a lot of events and livestreaming. Agustia- High schooler
working of hyperlight aircraft group

Summary of Previous Meeting

…queue Dan, also was there a meeting before the last meeting, notes
seem to not be, or are we calling that the driveway way meeting
(Meeting Notes 2021 06 05 - Noisebridge)

Victor- Talked about when noisebridge will be reqady for an in person
event and what needs to be done. We do not know when yet, as there are
some things that need to be discussed.

And had a Noisebridge culture and gentrafication and the issues in the

Short announcements and events

60-second description per item in bulletpoint.

Maya looking for space to build a plane multi school student club

This Thursday Build Day TJ facilitating with others 3’ish?

Five Minutes of Fame Third Thursday’s 8pm. July 15th 2021 next event.

Pyconought: Neurotech hack night thursday 6pm (did a capsasinyan EEG

Gamebridge is still happening on wednesdays at Wednesday cohacking
livestream session 7:30 9:30 NB youtube/twitch


Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

You can baciscly do what you want at noisebridge as long as it does not
infring on others, if there is ever an instance of harracment or
anything making you feel uncomfortable you can always feel safe to speak
up, and if you fell unsafe by doing so, you can find someone in the
space who can help you.


Everyone at Noisebridge is a participant at Noisebridge.

We have no employees, and are run completly riun by volunteers, takeing
care of the space is everyones responsibility.


A Philanthropist at Noisebridge has earned enough trust from the
community to open and close the space.

(What does that mean? What do we expect from Members? How do you become
a Member? etc)

Financial Report

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and
thrive, yo.

Funds in bank: We have money Balances for 6/22/2021 Cash: $334,103
Crypto: $108,588 Total: $442, 691

  • Any other details by those participating in handling our financials

"FYI an $11,863.78 check is being sent out to Roguelike’s new fiscal
sponsor. – Tyler

- Roguelike used NB as a fiscal sponsor for hosting their conference
for several years. That means we handled their transactions (ticket
sales, etc.) and held on to their cash. In exchange for a 5% comission
on transactions.

- They are moving to a new sponsor:"
(quote retrieved by TJ)

Note: for reimbursements, please post to .


Consensus is how the Noisebridge Membership may change how Noisebridge

(How does Consensus work? What types of things are good for formal
Consensus? What is small-c consensus? What is a “block”?)

You can do alot as long as people do not object. that is small c. Big C
consensus is similar, but is on a different scale. It is for things like
remodeling, buying a space. it fundamentaly changes noisebridge. It can
be proposed by anyone, but can be blocked only by big M members, and
blocks stop the stuff in its tracks.

Dan- If you block a concensus item it is not dead in the water, it is
the start of a new discussion.

[ Proposals from last week ] NONE

(Add any items which are consensed upon or someone has raised a
principle objection for to the [Consensus Items
History][Proposals from last week] page.)


[ Proposals for next week ] Omni Commons

(Add any new items for consensus to the [Current Consensus
Items][Proposals for next week] page.)

Proposal to provide funding help for Omni Commons


Discussion about it

The number that was proposed for noisebridge to donate was 30K.

X- I think it is better to talk about cponcensing on giving to omin,
before figuring out a number or how we will donate. Could we do matching

pyconaut - This seems like a draft item, should be discussed as draft
not as proposal. If we propose this week, could go to consensus next
week, which was too early, and will be blocked. I’m not sure about this,
but if it’s blocked, it will go through re-consensus in another 2 weeks
instead of one week.

Dave - That clears things up. Dane, you’re from Sudo Room, right? Want
to give you the floor for a while, but bear in mind what it’d be used

Dane - I agree with drafting idea before donating, and discussion too.
Love Sudo Room and Noisebridge interacting. Throw parties for each
other, etc. Omni commons is struggling, mortgage for 4 year, COVID hit
Sudo Room hard, became basically dfead, but still active and getting
people to join. Rest of Omni Commons has been mutual aid organization,
primary component last year. Happy with any decision, hope NB and Sudo
room can bond

Dave - any idea of how revenue over the next few months? Expect

Dane - Ultimate goal is self-sufficiency , money. Each of the Omni
commons group get money, help pay money. Other payment menthods through
Patreon and Facebook. Events are the big fundraising events, renting out
the ballroom etc ($2000 for renting large spaces like ours). Not
financial , more communication, it’s like $10k/month, counter culture
labs more consistent financially. Hopefully will open up to more events,
move away from covid restrictions.

X- maybe a little history, how long has the space been around, how well
has that been sustained, will the space ever be owned out right

Dh- Yes, we are going to hopully pay off the building and become a land
trust. space started around 2013, physiccaly since 2014, on morgage
since 2017. We are a collective of collective.

Dan- Cinical perspective- this is a rare opertunity for for a good
cause. But what is in it for noisebridge. What is in it for a donor, and
what is our goals. Also we want to buy a building as well. How will we
do that, PR. Matching funds would be very cool. We could go back to
kracken and talk with them as well. We want to be careful with our money
but can easily come back if we do this right. be courteous but also

Carl- I am also a member of sudo room, and am happy with this
discussion. I want to make sure we are specific about who we are
donating to. Sudo is under omni and is currently in debt to omni. I can
exsplain some of the finacials. Helping sudo helps a lot of
noisebridgers as well.

Dave - How much was sudo room in debt?

Carl - in email list; latest figure is $18k, sudo owes omni

I will show up to as many NB meetings as I can. No sudo room meetings
today, have been inconsistent in meetings

pyconaut - point about knowing where we’re donating and where the money
goes is important. Impacts how donation is perceived by news or third
parties. Helping fellow neighbor is good thing; carefull that we are’nt
forcing them to be indebted to us. Make sure sudo room doesn’t take
money and spend frivolously. Very valuable overall. Sudo room is only
hackerspace I know anywhere clsoe to owning a Forever Home. Every other
makerpsace is in a lease, afraid to lose room. This is a big deal.

Dave - Generally assume people we’re donating too are good stewards
unless otherwise. Do you have any inclinations otherwise? …I’ll take
that as a no. Just assume of reverse situation, how it’d make us feel if
they didn’t trust us with money.

Dan - You’re opening Pandora’s box. General range of opinions, clear
money will be put to mortgage; they’re worthy, not just spending on
beer. Epitome of financial responsibility? Who is, though?


Discussion Item 1 (Logistics / Requirements for opening)

- Git project requirements for opening:

pyconaut - general opening or event specific stuff?

victor - ok with General opening, as that’s a prereq for events. Should
we talk about that first.

Dan- Events are one day, while general is all day all time. Though
getting the space ready and event supporters is critical. Open
noisebridge in milestones (donstairs vs upstairs, day vs night, etc) We
have to meet basic safety for everything in general. Not just events.

Dave - we are unsure of what will come first, full opening or for events

Victor- the reason the event was easy to manage at old space was because
noisebridge was generally open and there ere knowledgable people arround
in general.

Dave- Safety seems to be working on very fast and should be done soon.

pyconaut - unless we do outside, it’d be difficult to set up in space
right now even if we get set up.

Victor - I was thinking from the curtain in garage to the outside area.
That’s already set up & stuff. How did 5mof go? When will laser cutter
move, how can I help? Can we have an event from curtan to font of gate.

X- For 5mof we only had 4 people at the space, and it worked quite wel

Dave - I think we’ll have better idea of contractor timelines next week,
see if you can get consensus of opening front area.

pyconaut - we’ll ahve to move a lot of stuff to clear front area.
(sounds like most stuff was moved).

Dave- When and how many people could we get?

Victor- maybe do First saturday in august. We will probably have to cap
it, as this often drew a lot of people. Multiple people do not want to
have more then 30 people, unless we have a ton of volunteeers. most of
the current faccilitators might not be available for the event.

Dan- get some volunteers will be critical

Victor - it would be great to get something that brings energy to
noisebridge, spread the word, drive excellent people to space. That’s
what we intended b4 covid. 2 weeks, then a month from then. Sooner would
be great, but I can be patient. Come back to meeting. It could even
bring volunteers out of the woodwork as they want to help out at

pyconaut - can help with technical stuff, I’ll be around and help out
(even if I have to come back from camping for a day) Dave - thanks for
being patient with us. X has points, to summarize, need volunteers,
clear out the space, <30 people, some lead time before a date(month
or so to lock in)

Discussion Item 2

21:26 Excellent Moderator Dave you are releived, meeting officially

End of Meeting

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Last week’s notes are nonexistent, because there was no formal meeting (internet archive party was last week)

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