Notes for Jan 8, 2019

Via Josef

Noisebridge Campaign Meeting 1/8/19

1. Introductions
    a. Victoria, Matt and Josef

2. Review past action items

3. Noisebridge team update

4. Update on data work
    a. Did we send new EOY campaign data to Anne? She has got that

5. Case Statement

6. Foundation Plans
    a. Need to get financials in order to start applying, connect to Evan Tucker – needs to be a priority, check in with Nicole next week on that. 

7. New Individual Push is Gala on April 26
    a. Thanks – Matt and Victoria will send thanks right now!
    b. Victoria will look at previous gala plan and we will review next meeting

8. Other business
    a. Website is good. Things to think about for future.
        i. Donor listing?
        ii. Media
            1. External media – press
            2. Internal media – virtual tour/photos/stories
        iii. Donor presentation