Not available Tuesday 4/23 evening

@ruthgrace @tdfischer @gaardn

Hello all,

I am not available tomorrow evening because of a meeting with a local arts funder. If you would like to discuss anyting fundraising related I can be available before 5pm or another day.

I am planning to be in San Francisco on by Thursday afternoon. I have a meeting with the ED of A.C.T. at 4:30pm, and we have meetings scheduled Friday. I am available all day Saturday to help with the gala if you need.

If there’s any update you want to share with me please let me know.

I look foward to seeing you.

Hi Josef,

Thank you for the update. Would Wednesday work for you?

Yes. I can do Wednesday at 6pm or 7pm.

Hello all, please advise as to your need for me Wednesday evening by noon on Wednesday, if you are able. Thanks! Hope all is well!

@ruthgrace @tdfischer @gaardn