Noisebridge Tech Support

In response to complaints about lack of access, I have created a tech support repo on github.

If you don’t have a github account, you should make one to use this. If you need something, please raise it as an issue here, and it will at least be tracked somewhere. Again, volunteer org, don’t be an asshole if you want to be helped, etc etc etc.

This is the general bucket for help with IT stuff. access control, rfid, discuss, slack, wiki, whatever. Raise it here. This is not “I need my computer fixed” but “There’s a Noisebridge system with an issue”

People who have complained about lack of help or communication, or people who like to help, please subscribe. This will only work if people see the issues and resolve them.

Really, everyone should be subscribing to make the help efficient.

It would be great if people who raised tickets subscribed to pay it forward. That would totally be awesome community.

Just note there’s no guarantee that the issue can be resolved regardless of how simple it sounds.

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Friendly suggestion: Use this literal discuss forum instead!


People who have access to discuss can post here, but people have issues getting their invites and approval messages regardless of why. Slack still has the ridiculous invite policy, and the mailing list is currently experiencing issues.

The problem is that we cannot have it tied to NB architecture if people need assistance getting access TO NB architecture. One NB’er was given the run-around for weeks at the meetings trying to get discuss access, and their philanthropy privs added for example.

Just to note:
The mailing list is scheduled for an upgrade to alleviate that.
I tested discuss sending emails to me and is was fine from both the server itself and the discuss instance.
Slack I can’t do anything about, my admin dropped when i self-deleted. But even if I could, the issues don’t get communicated.

We have to have an unwalled, reliable method for these people who, for some reason, want to be part of this community. God help their souls.

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I almost feel like a physical medium in the space would be more effective. Like a sign up (complaint?) sheet people could throw their issues and contact info etc on. Also it could offer directions towards troubleshooting or resources like the discuss or wiki/github.

Maybe I just don’t use the internet enough but it kind of strikes me as a barrier when then there are issues to sign up for discuss or whatever. A lot of the people that use the space aren’t always regulars, and signing up for a forums etc they will only use once and probably not ever check for a reply or correspondence seems like it could prevent issues from being resolved or reported.

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That’s an excellent solution that can compliment this one. As people write on the sheet, you can raise the issues for the person so they get handled.

The point here is communication, not that anyone solution is best. I created this in response to people in the meeting not communicating on behalf of their fellow noisebridgers. Plugging that hole multiple ways is awesome. Thanks for doing this!