Noisebridge Social Media During COVID

I wanted to check about Noisebridge social media. I noticed the accounts have not been updated in awhile and I am curious about outreach during COVID. :mask:

I am also curious as I help with the social media of several volunteer collective grassroots projects that are similar in some ways to Noisebridge and I want to see what Noisebridge is doing differently. Seems like Instagram is most popular (?) for digital communication platforms at this moment :thinking:

Do you all utilize Mastodon or other open-source non-commercial social media to avoid corporate platforms ? :sunglasses:

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Created a tag that will x-post to our Socialmedia working group Slack channel, so they will now be notified of posts with the tag #socialmedia.

Also, seems there is a @Socialmedia working group here on the forum from when Zoom was getting set up.

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coolio. im assuming this is the reason behind the 26 notifications in my inbox? looks like its tags or edits to a bunch of old posts I made…(?)

Posted an Instagram story mentioning @noisebridgehackerspace on Omni Commons.

Pic of Noisebridge sticker on one of our fridges. I plan to post more NB material I find in the OC.

I can crosspost NB on PLACE Community for Sustainable Living’s account as well.

More info on PLACE:

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