Noisebridge Snail Mail Thread

Hey all,
This thread is for when mail has been delivered to the space. Please take a picture of the package and make sure to @ the person if they have an easily identifiable discuss account.

If the person is not in the space, make sure to store the mail/package in the mailbox (the club mate box next to the lockers by the door).



Amazon package for Miguel Magana showed up today

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Mail from our PO box, sans junk.

Small package just arrived ! Owner please come and enjoy your beverage !


Another package for Miguel Magana in the stairwell today. Not sure if Noisebridger or HappyDayer.

Jay brought the package in from the stairwell.

Ordered a bunch of vinyl to the PO Box. Please let me know when it arrives!

Wow! Most excellent purchase, @Snakard! Thank you. :yum:

Would someone be up for checking the PO box in a few days?

New package for Ahmad

Hey all. How do I check the Noisebridge PO Box? The vinyl I ordered arrived on Monday.

Large manila envelope arrived today for Bekah Valentine.

It’s hard to see but the second box is checked

Water still appears to work though

Last water bill was paid 9/06/19. I believe this is meant for OhHappyDay.

($346.88 for water! Damn we need some low flow toilets)

Package for Ahmed here

Two packages for Ahmed I’d take a picture but The attachment page doesn’t seem to be working for me