Hey @everyone. Just wanted to try to clear this up.

The current plan is to have moving packing days every Monday, Thursday, Saturday.

Primary motivators behind these dates:

  • Correspond with Monday/Thursday trash nights
  • Leave a few days between people coming in to allow surface contagions to die off and air to recirculate.

The plan right now is Just Packing. We are still waiting for keys to the new building, and we will need to have some electrical work done during the next month. So for now it is about organizing and cleaning. Carrying boxes will come later.

Currently the space is locked up, and the keyholders are:

  1. Tyler - (@themanmaran)
  2. X - (@the)
  3. TJ - (@culteejen)
  4. Robert - (@Roboto)
  5. David - (@David)
  6. James - (@James)

Next packing day: Thursday 7/30/2020


  1. Tyler (12:00AM - 5:00PM)

Comment below your availability and I will keep this post updated.

Didn’t hear any interest in Thursday 7/16 packing, so I went ahead an updated to Saturday. I can be available for half the day. And one other person expressed interest in helping at 9AM. So I can lock down the morning shift.

Any additional interest?

I’m up for some packing. I can do 10 or 11 until whenever.

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I’ll be around tomorrow. I’m not sure if member keys still work. I might have a physical gate key.

Hey. People will be here until three.
Phone number on the front door

I came by and cleaned out my locker. I’ve contacted a few others that had lockers but they have already been cleaned out.

There is one more locker with my name on it. It belongs to the Gnar working group, which hasn’t been too active. There is a combo lock on it but I no longer have the combination, nor does anyone else I have contacted from Gnar.

So…perhaps a bolt cutter or grinder is in order?

I can also arrange access if anyone needs it.

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@lee Sent you the combo for Gnar, which you once sent me on Slack. :+1: Look through our past Slack dm’s if there is any issue.

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Hello! I am available to help pack things up from noon to 4pm

Can help on Saturday. Let me know here

Hey @HeidyHeidy_Espinoza. Do you mean on Thursday?

@John_Perry awesome. I’ll add you to the list on saturday.

Does anyone need any help? I’d like to help.

I’m available this thursday the 13th. - what time?!

Sounds like we have some availability Thursday the 13th. I’ll be able attend in the evening. And I believe @the will be around as well.

I’m also available Saturday morning for packing and maybe even some moving!

Hi, I can come help packing today Thursday the 13 or/and Saturday the 15th, let me know what time you can use me, I can be available today around the afternoon and anytime on Saturday with some prior notice.

@reilytech @sheez @themanmaran @Ait_Apsea

Thursday the 13th packing and such morning call, slash rolling game plan for the day…

I’m heading to the mission today and can help co-ordinate access if a couple/few folks are available to pack and clean at 2169.

My main aim is to do initial survey and measurements of 272 (+1 helper), provided I can time keys/access with @themanmaran can additionally do some coordination/packing at 2169 before or after.

I see some folks are more keen for Saturday as well, so can also continue firming up plans for something similar then.

I can go today, Friday, if it helps with surveying the new space. Just let me know @themanmaran

Hey @james I’m not available today, but will be around tomorrow.

Also if anyone is interested in a different project this weekend, @mister_name has found some awesome free tables at some closing startup in Palo Alto. They’re trying to get some people together to rent a van and go pick them up.

The convo on slack:

The stuff:

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