Noisebridge Need Ads! All Aboard the Advertising Train!

Bonus points for using clip art or something you made at Noisebridge.
Memes are too easy. Get Creative, Noisebridge-Style!

High & Low Quality Ads Encouraged. Ads of all colors and shapes and resolutions.

Only ads are allowed! Text responses will get you banned for a couple hours.


Threadless and Zazzle. Contact the finance-workgroup if you want to submit designs.

Uploaded image:

Noisebridge t-shirt: 'got make?'

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@Paul_H time to sell some hats!

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You could use this for the front and the logo for the back.



Here is the zazzle store for Noisebridge. Maybe browsing other items will inspire?

Hope to get Noisebridge swag out into the populace in an exponential viral fashion. :wink:

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and heres the threadless store

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@James @OutsourcedGuru Those are so good! What can we do with them? Put each image on the wiki then do <img src="" alt="Noisebridge t-shirt: 'got make?'" /> here on Discuss and on NB’s other sites?

First post is now a wiki. Please edit it to clarify and condense Nextcloud Advertising opportunities + organize more swag information.

Does anyone know where the designs went for our LED t-shirts and stickers?

Steve, I’m pretty sure I’m confused regarding your instructions. But I uploaded the graphic to the first post (since it’s now a wiki) and adjusted the link (here). Is that what you had in mind?

That tshirt is on our store (I put that design there). I currently am one of the people who orders us stickers, but think noisebridge should have its own account (we use stickergiant).

Does anyone know who gets us the holographic stickers. They are very cool but I have no idea who gets them.