Noisebridge moving day tomorrow!

Hello folks!

Just wanted to remind people that our weekly Saturday buildout sessions are continuing tomorrow, from noon to 5 PM!

We’ll see what we can get done based on the number of people attending, but some of the planned action items for tomorrow:

  • Get the tables upstairs moved into the electronics room
  • Move some of the bigger laser cutters to the back (the red one’s being held anyway)
  • Unscrew the metal doohickey attached to the front of the building
  • set up the saw and drill in the "garage’ area in front
  • Move in some tables / outlets for an event / hackitorium area.
  • Set up some soldering irons in the electronics area downstairs.
  • move all items held for other people upstairs or under the stairs.

(Potentially set up the smaller laser cutter? tbd)

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