Noisebridge Meeting >= 7:30p Tuesdays

It’s Tuesday, and it’s virtual meeting N’th, there has been ongoing discussion of alternatives to Zoom, so I present to you zoom with out “zoom”…

That link should give you the option to run the meeting in your browser by default without the app. This is still running on the zoom platform, just not the desktop app. There may also be additional issues in that if you haven’t updated your zoom client recently, it may no longer be compatible.

This is the “classic” zoom link that will work with zoom desktop 5+

We also make extensive use of this pad, although at the moment it looks like the site may be down.

As an actually not zoom option I have also been extensively exploring two open source alternatives, Big Blue Button (BBB) and Jitsi. BBB looks really cool, and is near a dot feature update release, and is more geared towards classroom experiences. Jitsi is looking promosing and tested hosting a 5MoF event with it, even with a dedicated server it isn’t particularly ideal for more than ~4+ participants with full video support, it could totally scale to dozens or even a hundred potential with essentially audio only.

I’ll be in an [experimental] parallel universe for the meeting hosted on a custom server with Jitsi during the meeting tonight as well.

Discourse did some auto formatting so for clarification:
Browser based zoom:
App based zoom:

Jitsi virtual bridge link:

@pyconaut has been starting the meetings up generally by 7:30p to go overall general intro to noisebridge stuff so that the discussion portion of the meeting can commence closer to 8p.