Noisebridge Maybe Moving? And general updates!

Hey all,

A lot has gone down in the last two or three weeks in regards to Noisebridge’s occupancy of 2169 Mission. I went ahead and typed it up, and will share here / slack / print a few copies for the space.

Noisebridge is probably moving! (Again) [But for real this time!]
Noisebridge Moving update.pdf (82.2 KB)

Major timeline updates will come March 3rd (tomorrow). Tuesday meeting gonna have some good content!

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Nice summary! Thanks Tyler! :slight_smile:

One question: What is going to force us to stop using things that generate “heat”?
Isn’t it the landlord getting fined? Can they legally pass those fines on to us?
Or evict us?

It would probably generate a lot of bad will with the landlord, but it seems to law is pressuring them as opposed to us…

Gotcha. Ideally the fines would motivate them to fix the place, but I realize how risky that is.

Shopping around for places now on Craigslist and Loopnet. Definitely a lot of nice spaces that are twice our budget.

Reposting this from slack but we want something at
Also seems that we want something around $20/sft for 5000sft. That would be $100,000 per year or $8,333/mo

And PDR (Production, distribution, retail)

It’s too bad the top floor of 1077 Howard street is essentially unusable. It’s rough wood planks with something like 3" variation; and it’s also saturated industrial chemicals - likely including formaldehyde - soaked into the floor. Decontamination is impossible. We’d need to put the building under constant ventilation to keep the fumes under control, and basically never go upstairs.

Other than that, the ground floor is fantastic.


Note also, we have the opportunity for a substantial lawsuit against our landlord, since we can’t move our equipment out of the building with a broken elevator. We’d literally have to abandon 1/3 of the equipment in Noisebridge - the laser cutter, for example.


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Would our use of the bottom floor of 1077 affect said floor of top floor? Is that the concern?

Well the landlord owns the building, and we are on a month to month lease. So to avoid fines / lien on the property, he would probably just evict us.

I do not believe that he can make us pay the fines.

SF’s super friendly tenant laws do not apply to commercial tenants unfortunately…