Noisebridge Mail Thread

(Nick) #1

Hey all,
This thread is for when mail has been delivered to the space. Please take a picture of the package and make sure to @ the person if they have an easily identifiable discuss account.

If the person is not in the space, make sure to store the mail/package in the mailbox (the club mate box next to the lockers by the door).


(Nick) #2

Amazon package for Miguel Magana showed up today

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(nicole) #4

Mail from our PO box, sans junk.

(Olivier) #5

Small package just arrived ! Owner please come and enjoy your beverage !

(Nolan) #6

Another package for Miguel Magana in the stairwell today. Not sure if Noisebridger or HappyDayer.

(Nolan) #7

Jay brought the package in from the stairwell.

(Robert Snakard) #8

Ordered a bunch of vinyl to the PO Box. Please let me know when it arrives!