Noisebridge joins Secure Scuttlebutt, a fun network for Introverts and Extroverts now hosts a Secure Scuttlebutt Pub! See the White Paper and watch this cute video that provides you the intro as a love story.

What is Secure Scuttlebutt? A community for introverts and extroverts alike.

Buzzwords follow…

  • Communicate via Public / Private Key in fully End to End encrypted discussions. Choose a client you prefer for decryption of your data.
  • Asynchronous - This is NOT a real time chat! Think of when you send an email or when you submit a change in Git.
  • Decentralized - The only centralization in SSB is via Pubs, Public Channels, of which we now host one.
  • Feels like a Blockchain-y system, but without any sort of Crypto Currency bullshit.
  • If you prefer to ignore our Pub, you can just use Scuttlebutt as a local only SneakerNet, and just sync data to others directly when you are both on the same wifi network. Perhaps at your home or a coffee shop or Noisebridge.
    In the next few days, users should be able to invite themselves via our website at due to a minor installer bug we have reported on Github. For now, just let us know if you would like an invite. :wink: You can also ask me within Scuttlebutt using my public key @lDF8MN2Qpx8FiXSmvCDEPlJfeGNxGsmYzyQy6jk4q1M=.ed25519

All are welcome! Big thanks to @rando for helping set this up!

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Send me two invites, and I’ll get myself and a see if I can coax a friend to join.

Do you know if there are plans to implement ActivityPub, thereby linking the network with the larger “Fediverse”? Just found a discussion of the question.