Noisebridge in the Park

Hanging out now in Dolores Park part way up the middle section. Big orange blanket and crew with @culteejen @Rikke @sophia_wisdom Relay and dk

Lovely sunny warm and not crazy hot day.


We’ve transmuted to the shade of the sequoia sempervius next to the bell at 19th and Dolores. Pro-tip the spies talk too much, or not enough.

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Yo may have left my keys at Dolores park. Anyone find a set of keys with a red aluminum bottle opener on them? Message me if you got them I will Uber/lyft to you immediately.

dk found your keys, hanging on to them to hand off.

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Great thanks for closing this issue. Ish.

Are you going to be at at Noisebridge tomorrow sometime? I can stop by and pick that shit up.

Ya I can leave them here, expecting to be back by noon’ish tomorrow.

Great hanging out.
A propos our conversation in the sun:
Listening to KQED Forum – Stop Foodwaste, help reduce climate change