Noisebridge Gate (The Next Episode)

So… we need to build the next half of the gate!

The rolling door part.

I made a diagram to explain this.

Does anyone have any design ideas? @themanmaran ?

I will be around the space today (December 03) and tomorrow (Saturday) and possibly Tuesday and Thursday next week.

I think we have

  1. The metal
  2. The wood boards

We need:

  1. Design
  2. Wheels?
  3. A welder

All suggestions welcome! :slight_smile:

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We will start building the right side of the gate this coming Friday Jan 28.

My current plan is just to measure the length we need and cut pieces to match the left side of the gate.

I know there was/is some more grand vision around wheels and what not to have a rolling door, but for now, lets just get the other side finished (IMO). :smiley:

For the roller gate we’ll need some additional hardware:

And to weld on an L -Support bracket like this:

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Thanks Tyler!

So one proposed plan is the move the door directly infront of the other door. I am not sure how much this has been debated. I do think there was some talk about having the door on the side as extra security?

I drew up a plan with the doors infront of each other.

Another thought is to have the lower half the right side be solid boards, and have the top half be bars. This way we can still talk to people on Capp, or invite people in for a tour. I have bumped into a few people I know this way, that would not have happened in the fence we solid…

Happy for any input on this though!