Noisebridge Essential Infrastructure

Hey Gang,

I started compiling a list of essential infrastructure capacities. I think this is something good for Noisebridge to have now during this crisis but also to get ahead of future crises.

Please help collaboratively build it, it is currently woefully incomplete and reflects only a portion of Noisebridge’s capacities.

I categorized things by type of resource(textile fabrication, metalworking, food production, electronics repair) etc whether it’s up and running or not.

Many capacities are hard to describe/categorize/enumerate like the amount of impact Noisebridge has for homeless people who depend on it. This cuts across all of Noisebridge’s capacities.

I also created a spreadsheet where tomorrow night I’ll aggregate the requests that have come in so far and to organize more specific requests going forward:

Several requests + proposals have been made to the Noisebridge community, but thus far there has been no process in place for this community to field them.

It should be clear that individuals and institutions can make requests of Noisebridge for essential needs.

The City, the State and the Federal Government have relaxed regulations in order to respond to this crisis. It’s unclear yet how this applies to Noisebridge.

I think we should come out of this with a glowing report of what Noisebridge did to effectively support the ill, those in need within our community, people on the frontlines, our city, the State, the Country and the World. We should all be getting our Rosy the Riveter badges.

Please think hard about how you can help from home.

Here are links to the City, State, and Federal Shelter-in-Place Orders + Essential Infrastructure and Guidances:

We’re working in the #essentialinfrastructure channel on Slack.


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Hey there, wondering if we made any progress on identifying with city officials whether any of this stuff actually qualifies for the exceptions in the order? The apparent answer to the question to me at this moment is: it might be up to whoever ‘checks out what we do’, which who knows, might be police, might be just some desk workers from the city health office? Does the city have any way of ‘officially recognizing’ essential and critical business? If so, who do we present our case to? All of this spreadsheet data is wonderful and we should keep updating it, but I think, rendered meaningless if we can not present our case to receive an official designation of some sort.