Noisebridge Bouncer Workshop

Its been mentioned a few times that people want to be better prepared in dealing with Situations at the space. I usually describe this work as being a bouncer, and I have a lot of experience in doing it.

Being a good bouncer requires that you have a rough understanding of deescalation, a deep understanding of the culture of Noisebridge, fearless confidence that the community will back you up, and a rock-solid sense that you know Noisebridge better than whomstever you’re kicking out at the time. Among other things.

This stuff isn’t something anyone grows up learning! I started from square zero as well, having never kicked someone out of the space. In my tenure I’ve been threatened to be shot, lunged at by violent individuals, physically pushed people out of the space, told countless times that “nobody is in charge, you can’t tell me what to do”, even taken an orange on the shoulder for the cause.

All this is to say, I want others to be able to do this too! Noisebridge needs others to do this! Being a bouncer means making sure you yourself are safe, so that we can all be dangerous together.

Who wants to participate in some discussion and role playing in the coming days or weeks? I’m thinking maybe this Monday or Thursday evening, or the week after. I’m out of town next weekend starting on Friday so if we want a weekend date it’ll have to be on the 16th.

Reply to this post with dates that can work for you.


Thursday evening should work for me, or the week after like you said. But I can’t do this Monday.

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I can do Thursday too.

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I’d like to join, though I can’t do Thursdays. Pretty much any other day though.

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I’m gonna say this Thursday, 8pm.

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We can always hold more in the future.

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Yes! We need them to be a regular thing, so I expect this first one will be a learning experience for us all.