Noisebridge Board Meeting - Tyler for Treasurer and Report from Alice the Lawyer

Next Tuesday, the Noisebridge Board will meet at Noisebridge, likely in the hackitorium, in lieu of a regular meeting. The board is the formal governance of Noisebridge, per our bylaws, and typically follows the consensus of the membership.

The board meeting will happen in the open at Noisebridge so the community can see what we do. We will attempt to stream it. We will also publish the minutes on Riseup and the wiki.

We haven’t met for a while so we’ve got some kinda backlogged business to take care of.

Main agenda items will be Election of Tyler to the treasurer ( and probably the board too), receiving a financial report from Tyler, and receiving a report from Perkins Coie about zoning/lease stuff.

Here’s the agenda:

  1. Elect officers

    • It seems like we have general agreement that Tyler should be the new Treasurer, so this could be a good time to make that official. Also if Tyler is going to be the Treasurer then we should probably put him on the board too.
  2. Review your bylaws, discuss procedure and substance for possible amendments, at least for amendment procedure.

    • Our bylaws currently have no amendment procedure, which means the board can de facto amend them by majority vote. We ought to discuss if we are comfortable with that or if we want to make it harder to change our bylaws. Krebs thought this seemed important.

    • Also, I’d like to discuss if we see value in enshrining consensus into our bylaws somehow. Not a simple topic, this could be just the start of the conversation

  3. Receive a financial report from the Treasurer

  4. Authorize a budget

  5. Review and make the required annual report to the membership.

  6. Receive a report from Perkins Coie (Alice the Lawyer) about what they have found regarding our situation with the zoning department and our options for a new home for Noisebridge. We’ll publish as much of that as seems prudent


Would someone be willing to stream for those that are unable to physically attend the board meeting (myself + others)?

We used for the last couple meetings, but there’s a user capacity limit per “room” that we hit which prevented several people from tuning in remotely.

Yes we will stream. Probably google hangout

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rereading the bylaws and talking to folks - sounds like we wouldn’t be able to put Tyler on the board in this meeting - that’s more of a general membership election thing, but we could make him treasurer if we have agreement on that

The multiple threads on this are confusing. So, are we planning to just hold a general meeting, plus requesting board members attend? Decide treasurer as part of general meeting, remove J if he is no longer a part of the board (but it does do nothing…), and talk about stuff?

Sorry the multiple threads are confusing - the first thread was a DM amongst board members coordinating this, this one is the public announcement.
It’s like a general meeting with a board meeting submeeting inside it where we do the agenda I outlined, but there’s general discussion about the items Some of these things, like appointing a CFO (treasurer) are supposed to be done by the board at a board meeting. I don’t know if we’ve done it this way before, but it seems to me like a way of allowing us to fulfill our bylaws but also be open about the decisions the board is making and make sure they’re supported by Noisebridge. Does that make sense?

Edit - I see the alternative as the board meets on it’s own and publishes the minutes, which is the typical way a board would work, and I didn’t like that as much for us

I think that a board meeting integrated with the normal Tuesday meeting is the way to go.

I do propose that we have a separate table for board members.

With gavels!

Before the meeting, can someone post a link here to stream in? I’d like to attend remotely from NYC.


@mcscope Is this 7p or 8p? Trying to figure out when to show up.

Well I wrote 7pm on the event, but you know us.


Err, the meeting starts at 7pm? That is unusual.

Sorry for the confusion around this. I’ll get there and start setting up soon, will post the livestream link and we’ll begin when people have arrived, which will probably be closer to 8 since that’s the normal time.

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If that hangout doesn’t work we recreated it -

Financial Report! Now with pretty font and colors!

NoiseBridge Financial Report.pdf (909.0 KB)

^ This has some typos in it. And I want to add more charts. And June numbers will be out in 3 days. So I’ll create a better version for next Tuesday’s meeting!


Can someone post the notes from this meeting?

Sorry I was unable to attend, I was at a meditation retreat w/ no devices.

They’re on the riseup pad. I’m editing them for spelling and then I’ll post them

Here they are - I did my best to edit them to be more readable.
Perkins Coie didn’t want all of their advice public. Andy said he was taking some notes offline, not sure if/how he plans to distribute that.