Noiseboat (contingency plan?)

should we just put noisebridge on a boat

we would need some skiffs so people can let others on
asked to leave could get weird

we can afford a bank loan on an old container ship:

Pier 1 and 1/2 is free to dock for picking up and dropping off passengers

is there a old ship that people live on on some pier still?
maybe we could work in coalition with them


Is there a class of industrial boat for which this is a feasible failsafe contingency?
How long can we anchor in one place in the bay before we need to move along?
Is there sit/lie law in the bay?
Is the bay in San Francisco or Alameda or does it only have state and federal jurisdictions?
How much does it cost to maintain a fleet of skiffs moored to the mothership?
Is there a ready-made stabilizer rig for doing precision work on the water? How many of these do we need? Is a 15x15 platform sufficient?

What is the trip time from embarcadero bart to the skiff? Does this improve east bay access? Would we pay a dock fee to have an accessible skiff? You have a wolf, a cabbage, and a sheep. How do you get them all to Noisebridge? Does the ship come with an elevator, and does it have a contract with Otis?

Where does the noisepoop go! How much bandwidth do we actually need? How about electrical? Will we need to pedal a bike like in Soylent Green so that we can flip on the laser? How do we get our amazon deliveries? How does this contingency compare to a blimp?

Can we program the boat to traverse multiple jurisdictions on a slow circuit to avoid anchoring?

You may as well make it an aircraft carrier, and accrue a flotilla around it. Monkeybrains could do internet, easy.

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