No Starch Press Hacker Grants up to 1.5K

This is for individual hacker projects! Deadline Dec 1st:

It apparently hasn’t been well advertised so if you’re not sure if you should apply with your project … YOU SHOULD APPLY WITH YOUR PROJECT! Odds are in your favor :slight_smile:

I’m going to throw in an application for food for the next stupid hackathon


PS the money is totally no strings attached – they wont own your project or anything.

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Wow, this is amazing. Wish I’d read this sooner! Hope others applied.

Thank you for reminding everyone. I always forget about this grant.

We should make a list of project Grant’s like this one.

I applied, and sent it to a few others to apply as well.

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I did an application to buy lots of circuit hacking stuff and maybe a 3d printer for NB. But I don’t think i did a super job. who knows tho.

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