No Philosophy Guild Meeting Tonight (March 11, 2020) Due to Coronavirus

There will be no Noisebridge Philosophy Guild meeting tonight.

San Francisco city officials have declared “no unnecessary gatherings” as the coronavirus continues to spread, and I have heard from at least half a dozen potential folks from the last meeting that they don’t want to chance it. We’re not quite prepared to transition to a remote format yet, so tonight just catch up on last week’s notes and keep reading The Listening Society.

We’ll resume 2 weeks from now in some form more conducive to the inclusion of remote participants.

In the meantime, please go to the Facebook group for this group (Yo dawg…) and add yourself there.

(You are still welcome to hang out here on the NB discuss forum but there was a popular request last meeting to start using FB on top of that, probably because FB feels more connected to everything else and it’s easier to tag more people in when you feel like it. Reasonable.)

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