Next fundraising meeting -- 7PM June 4th


The next fundraising meeting will be at Noisebridge, on Tuesday June 4th, at 7PM.

Please join this Hangouts at the time of the meeting. Josef from S|K will join us remotely:

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People who attended the last Fundraising meeting with Josef: Does anyone know when the next Fundraising meeting is, and can share the Hangouts link? Or maybe the calendar invite needs to be made?

I can’t make it again; conflict with my part time work. But hopefully if the time and video call link are posted, others can attend.

I don’t know the new hangouts link, but I could reach out to Joesef and set one up.

I’ll be at NB tomorrow and can round up people.


Yeah if anyone wants to jump on a phone call this week about bylaws and an upcoming board meeting, you are welcome too, though I don’t think anyone else’s help is required at this stage.

Hello. At this point we are waiting on financials from @themanmaran to start foundation work up, hopefully by June 1, when @LilyRaabe is available to reengage, and I’m working with @ruthgrace directly on some corporate stuff. I’m also engaging with @mcscope about board stuff, and can involve anyone else in that. Let’s go to every other week for these meetings, with small group focus in between.

I will let you know as soon as I hear anything from the City. My expectation is we will not be funded this cycle. Big advances are that we know we are targeting $1.5m in government money and we know who our contacts and potential champions are in that process.