Next 5mof: Who's in?

People keep asking me when the next one is and who’s presenting.

Who’s organizing the next one so I can send them all to you?

I don’t know, Victoria, how does one go about organizing a 5MOF?
I think it has something to do with

  1. familiarizing yourself with this wiki:
  2. Noting that the “next” 5mof link and “previous” 5mof link need to be updated by editing the page. Actually someone goofed that up pretty good.
    but what if I don’t have wiki update priviledges?
    If you promise not to troll, you can ask me for them.
  3. Note the template:
  4. Create a new page via the link format:
    or you can use the pre-created links in the “2019” section of the wiki page.
  5. Now just bug the shit out of everyone to fill in spots. You’d be surprised how many people are doing things. Weird, interesting things. If they talk to you about it, just be like "Holy shit, that would be amazing 5MoF! (pronounced Five MOFF or however you would like).
  6. Make sure you get contact details so you can follow up with them. Or don’t!

The reality is that 5MoF happens as Noisebridge as possible. People show up or don’t and you can just fill in empty spots from the Audience. But really that’s the MC’s job. Speaking of the MC, hey Victoria, any last thoughts?

Wow, thanks for putting this together, Matt, how about you organi-

Sorry, gotta go!

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Bump, another one incoming tomorrow. I see no activity on the wiki on it. Not that it matters. Spontaneous order!