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New Space Meta Topic!
Here’s all of the spaces listed out with some key details.

1526 Powell St

  • $18/sqft/year * 9,939 sqft = $14,900 per month.


  • Cool big space
  • Plenty of room for tools. Previously a metalworking shop so no issues there.


  • Expensive
  • Far from BART

1049 Market

  • $??/sqft/year * ?,??? sqft = $7,000 per month.
  • Help me fill in the details here - I heard around $7K for 10,000 sqft


  • Cheap
  • Close to BART
  • “It’ll be a pyramid project!” - R


  • Literal Fucking Dungeon

2401 Mission St.

  • $12/sqft/year * 10,000 sqft = $10,000 per month.


  • Cheap
  • Two blocks from Current NoiseBridge
  • Not in terrible condition


  • Another damn basement
  • Not sure on the elevator situation

Update (4/11/19) the elevator does not exist - but the owner could be persuaded to install one in exchange for other tenant improvements. Negotiations ongoing.

440 Ellis St
$18/sq/year and 9,135 total sqft = $13,700 a month.


  • Cool building - potential sublet or option to rent one floor
  • Two blocks from Powell


  • Welcome to the Tenderloin!
  • Top of our price range

1077 Howard
$17/sq/year and 13,590 total sqft = $19,000 a month (negotiable - maybe knock it down to $16k).


  • Hot damn this place is awesome
  • Pre-built DJ booth
  • Like three times our size
  • Cool hydraulic freight elevator


  • We can’t afford it. At all.
  • Potentially Volatile Chemicals soaked into the floors
  • We would need a sublet-ee

Off the table:

  • 44 Cleveland Street (smaller than current and $19k per month)

For 1077 Howard I’d edit to say CON: we need to find a partner to lease the bottom floor
also I’m not convinced about volatile compounds being there since they’ve had decades to outgas… Solid carcinogens I would worry about (like asbestos or some other solid toxin) but we should do more research before making this a front-page worry.

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Hello. I am posting on behalf of @NarleyMofo

Here are some photos I took of some vacant buildings that are currently
I do hope this can be useful.

Hello, I am NarleyMofo. I just wanted to contribute these photographs of some vacant buildings that are currently available. I do hope this helps. If there is interest in prime real estate in prime location for a world class attraction that is already bringing in people from all over the world, is continuing to do so and will continue to do so, then we have a perfect match! Everything is a perfect fit. This particular kind of opportunity doesn’t happen ‘every day.’ These particular places have not been available in the 40-50 years that I’ve resided in SF. I really don’t think that they’ll be available again in this life time, or the next one, and to be completely honest, nor even the next one after that. The fact that they are available at this time is nothing short of miraculous. I would very much, very highly recommend jumping on it right now! If you need help, allow me. PLEASE!!! I will (if you do allow me to) raise the funds on your behalf.

That’s awesome, thanks @NarleyMofo. Any chance you’re around today (Wednesday) before 6p? I’ll be at the space and we can discuss more. I think we’ve been looking at some of those properties and similar, and can’t exactly afford them right now, so help raising the funds would be amazing.