New Pricing to attend Events

Read the announcement here or on HackerNews

Per Meetup, Attendees will be required to pay $2 each to attend each event moving forward. This is not terribly expensive, but also goes against our mission of being as open as possible. Curious to hear thoughts and discuss.

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Given that it is Opt-in on the organizer side, I think that a good number of organizers will not opt in (NoiseBridge included).

Seems like this experiment will be reversed on Meetup’s side relatively soon. It is attempting to solve two problems:

  1. Reducing monthly subscription fees for organizers.
  2. Removing spurious accounts that RSVP to everything. Right now meetups have about a 30% attendance rate.

For #1, I think most organizers will opt out for fear of adding that barrier to entry to their events. Even if it reduces costs ~$75 per year.

For #2, while the spurious accounts are annoying for predicting number of attendees, I think they encourage additional attendees. (i.e. You are more likely to sign up for the event with 40 people than the event with 5 people). So events with low numbers of attendees will get less attention.

I see in the fine print that non-profits and pro network are exempt.

Part of the new website for noisebridge i started working on is a system where we create events directly on our website - which then get automatically published to meetup and discuss. In case meetup would decide to make this ever a mandatory thing for groups, I guess this could turn out to be useful… maybe we would need to consider in the future to run the RSVPs via our own website then and only promote via meetup. But honestly I don’t think they are stupid enough to extend this system globally to all groups… and if so, people would leave meetup in huge numbers and another competitor (EventBrite?) would profit from it.