New Noisebridge website

Hey everyone:)
at the first “Let’s improve Noisebridge - Weekly Action Group” meetup I started working on a new website for Noisebridge. Here a first overview of the wireframes / sketches. Any feedback/ideas/questions before I continue with the next step (the design) the next Saturday?

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I recommend using as the URL for your page. :wink:
Might be best to restore to point to the wiki.

The last 2 days I continued with the next step - creating a design. I uploaded the screens to this online whiteboard (and will keep them updated as long as I change things):
If anyone has any feedback/ suggestions, especially on the text of the landingpage and the about page/our values - let me know!:slight_smile: same pages like the events pages, machines, etc. are still more like a draft, but feel free to comment those as well:)
Next weekend I will (remotely from Seattle) continue with creating the desktop layout as well and creating a static version of the frontend (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), before I would build up a Django website based on those pages.

  1. Well done!

  2. +1 for Python, but consider using Flask instead of Django; it’s simpler for people to get started with, has changed less in recent years, and is used by more NB infra.

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