New Noisebridge Memberships During Closure (COVID-19) Question?

I wanted to check if new Noisebridge memberships are being considered during closure. I plan to help regardless if assistance is needed with logistical organization of the new 272 Capp St space. I already helped a little (very little) with moving stuff from old space to new.

Once the space is open, I hope to help out with the zine/media library or archive if that will be a thing. I am a zine culture advocate, etc.

I have the Noisebridge membership application all filled out.

Hey @D-Pain thanks for getting in the mix with the move and setup and we certainly want to continue exploring and encourage interest in membership.

I would highly advice all those interested in the process to come to a couple of Tuesday General meetings, as well as introducing yourself on-line like this thru Discuss and start to get familiar with the wiki and making edits.

Since we are still going to be figuring this all out for a while patience and feedback is always appreciated. Right now I think the best avenue is to apply as a Philanthropist and rally some sponsors. This is also a group task for us to better figure out on-line tools for this as our usual member binder is still in the wind.

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Sounds great, @the

Not sure if I attend tonight but I’ll attend meetings consistently soon.