New Lactation Room / Quick Calls / Quiet Room

(tim) #1

I doocracied one. You can lactate, make phone calls, and find quiet space anywhere at Noisebridge but I thought since this room was literally filled with garbage before that I would clean it out so people could use it for these purposes if they wish.

Usage guidelines are simple and posted on the door.

If anyone has a comfy chair that we could put in there that would be great.


Unlabeled materials were put in the project shelves but will likely be thrown out during the next cleaning event unless claimed and labeled.

Materials related to the room were stored overhead.

(tim) #2

Also there could be some more improvements but I’m done for now. Things are jenky so feel free to improve it as you see fit.

(Naomi Most) #3

Oh nice! 8 years too late for my purposes, but yay! :smiley:

I think this little room was on its way to becoming a sound booth, no? I was thinking of helping it become That, if someone was willing to help on a given day.

It’d be nice to be able to run interviews for podcasts and whatnot.

(Lady Red) #4

It was on its way to become a soundbooth but the person who was doing that project ragequit a while ago. Now it’s in limbo!
We just gotta make sure no one begins to live in it

(James) #5

Both Cain and myself were working on the room. Unfortunately, the last progress was in September. The frame in the room is both level and solid! It could be made into a beautiful, quiet room, which is actually the point. Keep in mind we also have the broadcasting fund, which can help make it happen! It would be great to have a broadcasting room where someone can record a podcast/audio session with a couple folding chairs and a small table.

The intention was for audible privacy rather than visual privacy. Cheers! I’d be interested in working on it more if others want to help.

(tim) #6

It’s still on its way to a sound booth. Jay and Noel have been hacking away at it. Now there’s a sliding door, mic, and desktop. Foam still needs to be put up if someone wants to help.

(anthony faber) #7

When? I’m not very coordinated, but I’d be willing to help.

(tim) #8

Anytime. At this point Jay is adding foam to the walls which should be the last structural touch. Nice furniture and hangable art would be cool!

(tim) #9

Hey Noisebutts,

So Jay and I did some painting today and this thing is starting to look pretty. Still looking for a comfy seat. Jay and Noel have been doing an awesome job hacking almost all of this together in their spare time. Check it out!

Results from our painting today.

Outside door with windows/blinds for privacy.

(Naomi Most) #10

OK just keep in mind that carrying a baby makes a door like that kinda hard to operate. :stuck_out_tongue:

(tim) #11

Noted. Also thought of that myself. Am I right in assuming that a regular door would be easiest to use? James mentioned getting a proper one for better sound proofing.