New Categories

(Matt) #1

How can we create new categories, or can someone please create a “Projects” category? The idea is to post a topic for projects ppl are working on so other ppl can seem, follow, etc.

Padding for stupid character limits.


(Matt) #3

I dont have that button :stuck_out_tongue:. I should have noted I googled, however.

Oh, nm. Apparently it’s in the burger menu…as the only option in the burger menu.


I just now made you a mod, so might need to refresh your browser to see it.

(Lady Red) #5

I’d like some kinda laser category. I checked and I am not able to create it

(Lady Red) #6

Although looking around this forum, I guess there used to be a bunch of categories and then y’all trimmed them and now we add them again? Weeee!

(Matt) #7

I added it for you.

I am typing so I can post this then change the minimum character requirement

(Bernice Anne W. Chua) #9

I’ll suggest 2:

  1. Gamebridge
  2. Noisebridge Gaming Archivists

Thanks in advance! ^___^

(Matt) #10

Do you want these as guilds?

(Bernice Anne W. Chua) #11

I think that they should be both guilds and categories. ^_^ Thanks :D

(Matt) #12

A guild is a category which is underneathe the guild category, so it is both with respect to this board :slight_smile:

(Matt) #13

Can we call NGA “Gaming Archivists”? Categories can only have up to 2 words.

(Bernice Anne W. Chua) #14

Yes, since “Noisebridge Gaming Archivists” guild in Noisebridge seems redundant. I think @Mark would agree with it too! ^__^ Thanks for creating those guilds & categories for our group!! :smiley: